the Popular belief that in the fight against tooth decay, will help frequent teeth cleaning is a dangerous illusion. About this and other popular myths associated with dental caries, dentist Louise Avtandilyan said in an interview with AIF.

the Doctor reminded to brush their teeth two to three times a day. If you do it more often, the risk of damage to the necks of the tooth is only increasing. “And this is tooth decay just at hand,” said Avtandilyan. However, she urged not to get carried away toothpaste with a whitening effect, so as not to damage the enamel.

Another common myth is that tooth decay is always accompanied by dark spots on the teeth. The dentist explained that at the initial stage of the disease can manifest itself in the form of white spots but no pain people will not experience.

the View that caries can protect the gum, is deeply flawed. The gum contains sugar, which automatically excludes it from the list of hygiene. In addition, the long chewing can cause problems with the salivary glands, which later lead to the development of the caries and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also false is the notion that caries the tooth faces only. As stressed by the doctor, by itself, the food does not cause tooth decay. The pathological process develops after improper care for the oral cavity, it is therefore important not only to clean the teeth, but also to irrigate and flossing, especially before bedtime.

Avtandilyan said that the development of dental caries is influenced by the quality of food and the presence of diseases that cause dry mouth, for example, hypertension and diabetes.

the Doctor noted with regret that among parents the widespread belief that treatment of caries of deciduous teeth is not necessary. According to her, such a decay is easily moved to the molars, so the oral hygiene children need to follow as adults.