Disgraced schemamonk Sergius (Nicholas Romanov) responded to the open letter of Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye accusations in his address. The ex-priest, read by his successor Vsevolod by Moguchiy posted on Youtube.

Sergius called the Metropolitan "ecumenist and a heretic" who betrayed God because "the fear of losing the Department and well-fed life".

"God is the Word. And the word I got on the Internet. Rebuke the evil and the bearers of evil," said schemamonk in response to the allegations in the quest for popularity in a network.

Father Sergius was accused of insulting Putin

Sergius also accused his opponent in the split in the Orthodox environment, the closing of temples and urged the Metropolitan to repent.

"I Expect You to repentance" – said the schema-monk.

Previously on the website of the Ekaterinburg diocese an open letter of Metropolitan Kirill. In it the priest criticized the actions of the schema-monk.

Serge has been in the spotlight after he began to speak in sermons that the coronavirus is "pseudopodia" that the Russians want to put in the "e-the camp of Satan", "the wicked are put to the isolation of" deprive "freedom and operation".

After that, the Yekaterinburg diocese was deprived of the priesthood the right to preach, the ruling Hierarch of Sergius banned in service. Romanov started administrative proceedings, at the present time he is under the ecclesiastical court.