It is a strange time for most. Also, Dennis Knudsen, who, after eight months of maternity leave so forward to getting back to work, but now sits waiting in his cottage without any real earnings.

The 56-year-old kendisfrisør and the stylist has had to cancel all his activities and lectures, and especially the two big jobs of regret, he to have lost.

“I would first and foremost have made Bille August’s new, big feature film about Karen Blixen, but it is deferred. I was already started with the preparations, so it is three months of work, there is smoking there,” he says to the B. T..

“Then I’m a hairdresser for the princess Marie, so I was booked for many things about queen Margrethe’s 80-years-birthday. Also, it is really too bad.”

Dennis Knudsen was last year father for the first time to his son, Lucas, as he has gone home on maternity leave in the last several months.

As a self-employed it was now, therefore, he should start to earn money again.

“It can be felt hard, for there is no salary. But I do not lack anything p.t. Just Lucas get the food, it is the most important thing,” he says, and stresses that the small family of the time enjoying themselves in their summer house in Sjællands Odde.

“My brother is also here, and the here unexpected time, we’ve got, so you might as well use the constructive and keep the courage up. Get, for example, cleaned up the cabinets and be more together. Lucas is nine and a half month, so there are beginning to be walk in him.”

He has not yet experienced the disease, in addition to a little bit cold, which he usually get every year at this time.

in Order to keep in time, he runs every day for a walk with his son in the pram, and so does he the strength training with stomach and push up on the stuegulvet.

“It is not no game, it is most just to have touched the body. So I try to structure the day, so when Lucas sleeps nap, then I get the ordered phone calls, I need to,” he explains.

although Dennis Knudsen that is, he has had to see a lot of jobs disappear, he keeps the business going by coming up with new business strategies, which should be ready when the world starts up again.

“I spend a lot of time to develop new products and be creative about my company and brand. I have, fortunately, a collaboration with Danish Supermarket, which has all my creams and hårdprodukter on the shelf, and hopefully many people out in the stores afterwards.”

Dennis Knudsen sees this time as an opportunity to look inward and reflect on life. If you spend the time really is enough, together with his children and remember to practice charity and be more helpful.

“We are all together affected by it here. I just hope that when we reach out on the other side, so we give it all a skull and fire it off, and get set to growth. There is no doubt that it will be a new world, we open up.”

the Film about Karen Blixen, as Dennis Knudsen should have been a part of right now, has the title ‘the Pact’ and is about the ageing of the author and her relationship with the younger colleague Thorkild Self in the late 40’s.