While the number of coronasmittede increases, there has been a decline in the number of admissions for six days in a row.

More than 5000 individuals in Denmark has now been tested positive for the coronavirus.

the Number is on Tuesday afternoon at 5071 persons, which is an increase of 424 in Monday’s statement. It informs the Statens Serum Institut.

There is supposed to be great mørketal, since not everyone with symptoms is being tested.

at the same time, the statistics show that 1491 persons after a sequence with the coronavirus have over their infection.

It automatically, if you two weeks after being tested positive are not admitted to a hospital or is dead. The two weeks means that there is no delay in this figure.

While the number of infections continues to grow, the number of patients in Danish hospitals has been falling the past six days.

on Tuesday, the figure is down on the 472. It is 31 fewer than Monday. Provisionally topped the number of inpatients 1. april with 535 persons in the country’s hospitals.

Also, the number of inpatients at intensive departments continues to decline. Out of the 472 inpatients is 127 Tuesday at an intensive care unit. It is 12 fewer than on Monday.

It is especially the number of admissions, as the health consequences close as you will prevent a collapse in the health care system.

To the contrast, there has been an increase in the number of registered deaths. It is Tuesday at 203, which is 16 more than Monday.

Since many of the characters already have had other serious diseases, it can not with certainty be said, on coronavirusset has been the cause of death.