Broyles were allegedly found in a laundry basket with a girl’s shoe and a laundry hamper.

Oklahoma Democrat Congress candidate is under fire after allegedly verbally attacking several preteen girls at the home of a friend, who was hosting a sleepover for multiple middle school girls.

According to, Abby Broyles was a candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District. She went to her friend’s house on February 11th and became more aggressive as she continued to consume wine throughout the night.

According to multiple interviews by the news outlet multiple people said that Broyles insulted girls at the sleepover, after she had become intoxicated. They also claimed that she said one girl was “acne-f–ker” and that she hurled many insults at other girls.

She allegedly said “Hispanic F–ker” to one girl and “judgy F–ker” to another.

According to the report, one of the girls fled the room in tears following being insulted and criticized by Boyles.

According to the report, Broyles also vomited into a laundry hamper and a girl’s shoe.

NonDoc asked her if she went to the house where the event took place. She denied it and called the allegations “awful” and “false.”

“I saw the tweets. Broyles stated to the news outlet that she was out of town for a fundraising trip and that the tweets were offensive, false, and infuriating. “It’s true that I get trolled on Twitter all of the time. But I don’t know these women or what their motives are.

Broyles said that the allegations could have “cooked up” and suggested that the mother of the 12-year-old girl was using the allegations to attack her political career.

“I am running for office. This is not a political attack. They didn’t invent this? Broyles said.

According to the report, Broyles threatened to sue NonDoc.

Sarah Matthews, the mother of one of the young girls who went to the sleepover, said that Broyles had insulted several girls at the party.

Matthews stated that Abby Broyles was at the house, and she was drunk. “[Broyles] called somebody Hispanic f’er, somebody with acne f’er, and called my daughter judgey for not wanting to lie down with a blanket with which she had cleaned up her wine.”

Broyles, however, admitted that she went to the house where the sleepover was held in an interview with KFOR. She claimed that a friend gave her medication, which caused her to have an “adverse response” and she began to hallucinate.

“She invited me to come. She asked me to bring some wine. Broyles stated that we had wine and sushi, and we were up in the theater watching a movie a few hours later.” “I have suffered from stress, anxiety and insomnia for years. I slept for 2 hours to pass the bar exam. This is how far I can go back. She knows this. She gave me medication that I had never used before. I experienced an adverse reaction. Instead of sleeping, I experienced hallucinations. Then, I didn’t know anything. I remember throwing up in a hamper.

During the interview she apologized to the family of the young girls. She also had a message that people who believe she is making excuses for her actions: “You don’t even know me.”

“I would never say anything that was hurtful. I have never said anything as hurtful as those things. That’s why I know that I wasn’t in my right mind. That combination of events is what led to this. Broyles stated that he deeply regretted it.

Broyles claimed she was “misquoted by NonDoc” and that she “never told [them] that I wasn’t there.”

Broyles said that she was “caught off-guard” by the call and recorded the conversation for KFOR. Fox News Digital also heard the recorded interview between Broyles and a NonDoc journalist.

“That phone call was frightening and caught me completely off guard. I can recall hearing the accusations, and simply repeating “no, no and no” before hanging up. Broyles stated that I was glad to have been in the TikTok video together with the girls, which was evident proof of my attendance.” Broyles said to KFOR.

Broyles didn’t respond to Fox News Digital.