the minister of the Environment, Zuhal Demir (N-VA) gives the application for an environmental permit, integrating the successor to the land-use planning – a little more breathing room. The coronacrisis danger of anything wrong, walk away. “I want to be a mass vergunningsweigeringen to avoid,” says Demir.

The local authorities are insisting for quite a while now for a solution to the problems that are in danger of heading on the road. Recently, the Flemish government, so there’s a green light to be given.

the First problem is that the local authorities are very tight to sit in human resources. Isn’t it to be a submission within the appropriate timeframe, then that’s automatically out of a “not”. “As a family, and that a planning application was submitted in this case, it’s a refusal,” said Demir. “That’s not good government.” For that reason, the minister may, during the emergency extension of deadlines where necessary.

the second problem is the “public enquiry”. The applications for a license during that period, be free to take a look at your local council, allowing people to voice their objections. Today, it’s very difficult. Town halls have been due to corona, are not able to open, as in the past, and the recommendations of the erc are the only “vital movements” are allowed. Anyone who wishes to lodge an appeal, will not always have the opportunities to do so.

in Addition, it can also be harmful to the applicant. No action may be grounds for a court to have the license to destroy it. In order to avoid a late Demir in all cases, a month’s suspension. Now 2.533. New studies it will only start on the 24th of april. According to some estimates, there are still many in the pipeline. That is a new situation, and it also gives time to the local authorities to do their job.

“But,” warns Demir, “it’s not supposed to be any files in the long path to the slide. Councils need to continue to try that as soon as possible to decide – as, for example, a public inquiry is necessary in order for the economic losses to a minimum.”