Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev requested to study the proposal on the transfer of the yacht "Victoria" Regional center of education in Khabarovsk, informs the regional government.

Earlier, the management of the Regional center of education Degtyarev asked to convey to the government Agency with the yacht "Victoria" that children in particular could carry the studies of the Amur river.

Degtyarev met with the Deputy Minister of education of the Russian Federation Viktor Bascom. During the meeting, the acting Governor also announced that it has received a request from the management and pupils of the Regional center of education – the ship offered to engage in scientific experiments of students and environmental projects for the study of the Amur river.

"to Sell marginal assets for pennies not. But the idea of schoolchildren on the future of yacht I really liked. It is original and, most importantly, aimed at getting children new knowledge. I instruct the Ministry of education of the region to discuss the issue, meet with students. And the Ministry of property relations – to clarify the condition of the vessel and its suitability for transporting children", – said Degtyarev, whose words are reported.

A government yacht "Victoria" in February of 2019 were offered for sale by order of ex-Governor Sergey Furgala, as it considered her buying an extra purchase and the content – ineffective use of budget funds. The yacht was purchased by the former government of the province, it is at the Khabarovsk shipbuilding plant, it costs 600 thousand roubles a year. The auction was extended several times, but those wishing to participate in it was not. It was noted that the yacht including exhibited for a minimum price of 30 million rubles. In August 2020, the government removed the ship from the auction.

Atypical of the regional state Autonomous educational institution of "Regional center of education" is one of the largest educational institutions of the Russian Far East.