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It may seem like that it is in sommerhyttekommuner, Lillesand and Tjøme, that most people have braved hytteforbudet.

chock full of hyttefolk on the island of Tjøme: – Absurd

– I have received several inquiries over the weekend from people that react to that part hyttegjester. It is on the pole and in the store you notice it, and it has been so bad that people refuse to go in the store, ” says mayor Einar Islets-Swollen (H) in Lillesand.

Einar Islets-Swollen is the mayor of Lillesand.

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / NRK

With 1700 cabins believe the mayor that there can be up to 4000 guests 1. may-weekend. Many of them are from the area south of norway and Oslo, which has been the epicenter of infection in Norway.

– emergency response it is not a problem, we have only seven infected from the alps in our community, and we have a short way to the hospital in Kristiansand and Arendal. For many, it is also possible to go back home to Oslo by infection, but I see anxiety as a part of inhabitants with us for care, ” says Lillesand-the mayor.

He will not go out with a solicitation before kriseledelsen have had meetings this week. The municipality also looks at solutions for monitoring the number of hytteturister by mobilsporing.

do not Want guests

NRK has also been in contact with the Sirdal and Sauda, with closed ski runs and the ski-tows in operation have experienced a quiet easter because people have respected the ban. But it is a concern for the future in several hyttekommuner who NRK has been in contact with.

– It is not the time for rekreasjonsreiser now. We do not want tourists. Authorities say that the only travel that is strictly necessary should be conducted, ” says Sauda mayor Asbjørn Birkeland (Sp).

the Mayor of Sauda, Asbjørn Birkeland, here pictured in the summer of last year.

Photo: Torkel Anstensrud Schibevaag / NRK

Hyttekommunen innermost in Ryfylke, would normally more than doubled its population in easter, with the right just below 10,000 hytteturister. This easter designates the mayor as abnormally quiet. So he wants it currently still.

the Norwegian directorate of Health points out that hytteforbudet has not been smittevernsfaglig justified, but for the sake of kommunehelsetjenestens capacity.

– the Way it looks now so will hytteforbudet soon disappear and you can begin to use the cabin again. We are concerned that not all will take the same weekend to take again the lost. Normally is not hytteturister something very strain, there is in the holidays there is a problem, ” says Espen Nakstad, assistant director in the ministry of Health.

do not Promise anything welcome

Also in Sirdal in Agder there has been an easter special. Usually would up against the 25,000 tourists entering the small municipality with 1800 inhabitants, in the easter week.

Sirdal-mayor Jonny Liland (Ap)

Photo: Svein Sundsdal / NRK

– We came with a request that hyttefolk should keep in hjemkommunen its, already before the government came with the national measures. Now we need to do a comprehensive assessment to ensure emergency preparedness and infection control. The request may still be applicable, even after hytteforbudet repealed, ” says the mayor Jonny Liland (Ap).

He will still not love hyttefolket anything, and says that life and health comes first. Both for their own citizens and others.

– we Get many sick at one time so we will not be able to handle this, ” said Liland.

– Go beyond the hytteeierne

Even after that hytteforbudet was introduced, there were many who did not follow the law. It led to hyttekommunen set up grensepost to control the traffic into the municipality. From the 20. april removed so hytteforbudet.

– It means that people can stay in their huts again. We believe that it is okay, but people must not forget about the other restrictions that the authorities have set. Also, you can’t go there every weekend, ” says chairman of the board of the Norwegian Hytteforbund, Trond Hagen.

Associated has a total of 30.000 members. Even going Garden not to drag on the cabin.

– so I have no need for now, ” he says.

Trond Hagen, chairman of Norwegian Hytteforbund.

Photo: Norway’s Hytteforbund

the Chairman of the board is not surprised that hyttekommuner say they do not want hyttefolket welcome now.

– It is not something new that the municipalities oppose the authorities decide. They do it enough in the best sense, but there is no reason why it should go beyond hytteeierne, says hytteforbund-leader.

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