On the Christopher Street Day (CSD) on August 21, 2022 there is a deadly fight. Nuradi A. is said to have hit the transman Malte C. He died from his injuries. The case will be heard in court on February 13.

On the evening of August 27, the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Münster is a party. Shortly after 8 p.m., Nuradi A., 20, and two friends approached three celebrating women near the CSD event at Hafenplatz, one of them later specifying her gender as male.

The good mood changes when the young Chechen makes lewd remarks. The ex-boxer wants to know if he can grab them under their skirts. By that time he was already smoking a joint and drinking plenty of beer.

Those addressed insult A., who in turn gets completely angry. “Lesbian whores,” the martial artist yells, “fucking trannies.” He threatens the three with beatings and wants to kill their families.

Malte C., a 25-year-old trans man, becomes aware of what is happening. Some time ago, according to the investigation, he had his breasts surgically removed. In the summer heat, the trans man walks around shirtless, exposing the surgical scars.

When he interferes and urges them to leave the three CSD participants alone, Nuradi A. runs up to him in a rage. Malte should just shut up, he’s not a real man at all, shouts the rioter.

The attacker pushes his opponent in the chest. According to the prosecution, he punches Malte C. in the face with his right fist, and a powerful hit with his left hand knocks the victim to the ground.

The victim hits the pavement with the back of his head. He is probably already unconscious when he falls backwards. The attacker flees. Malte C. died six days after the attack as a result of a traumatic brain injury.

From February 13, the suspect must answer to the juvenile criminal court in Münster, among other things, for bodily harm resulting in death. “My client will get involved. He very much regrets this,” said his defender Siegmund Benecken.

The case has caused outrage across the country. Another victim of lesbian and transphobic violence, it seems. Shortly afterwards, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) spoke of a “hate crime” and announced consistent action against discrimination and violence.

In the meantime, however, it turns out that the accused did not act out of a queer-hostile or homophobic motive. According to FOCUS online information, the examination by a psychiatric expert shows that the accused has known since the age of 14 that he is gay.

But he didn’t want to accept this fact. In his predominantly Islamic homeland, homosexuality is considered a social taboo. Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov repeatedly speaks of a “destructive and destructive evil”.

Human rights organizations also report on the persecution of homosexuals and transsexuals in the satellite state of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nuradi A. still seems to be trapped in the old archaic customs of his homeland. The following incident fits in with this: During the CSD, a participant took a picture of him with his mobile phone. The Chechen excitedly asks for these recordings to be deleted.

His father, who lives in Chechnya, should not find out via the Internet that he is gay. Apparently A. is ashamed and doesn’t want to admit his fondness for other men. In this dichotomy, he could have found his own homosexuality extremely stressful, the expert states.

The psychiatrist evaluates the attack as an unconscious defense against “own homosexual desires”. Accordingly, Nuradi A. struck to show how much he hates gays and transsexuals. In her preliminary expertise, however, the expert only makes this conclusion as an assumption.

The fact is that the accused is on record as a notorious thug. Against this background, the psychiatrist Nuradi A. attests to a tendency towards “dissocial behavior” and “an alcohol-induced aggressive mood”.

If he feels offended, he strikes. In the past, there were already five preliminary investigations into bodily harm. The suspect knocked the victim unconscious.

A good month before the fatal event at the CSD, the accused is said to have injured several people. The majority of the proceedings were discontinued for various reasons.

Sometimes because of insignificance, sometimes with regard to an expected higher penalty in another case or because the victim did not file a criminal complaint. During an interrogation, A. admitted that it was difficult to contain his inner anger.

His biography shows striking breaks. Nuradi A. grew up with two siblings in the border area with Chechnya. His father often beats him. Even as a small child he showed severe depressive tendencies.

When his younger sister fell ill with leukemia, the family moved to Germany. In Münster, the girl undergoes cancer treatment that saves her life.

Nuradi A. is struggling in her new home. He doesn’t get along at all in secondary school and is often absent from class. At 13, an association for the integration of children and young people at risk put him in a boxing school.

In return, he is no longer allowed to skip school. The measure helps, the grades improve as well as the boxing performance. Nuradi A. advances to German Junior Champion in his weight class.

At the age of 14, social anxiety swept over the youngster after he discovered his homosexuality. Outwardly he seems inhibited, isolating himself. A. starts drinking and smoking pot because then he can suppress everything better.

In 2019, the defendant graduated from secondary school, but he no longer made it through the tenth grade. It’s also over with boxing.

In the summer of 2022, A. tries to be a warehouse worker, but soon gives up. Again and again he snaps at the slightest insult, becomes aggressive and hits. On August 27, one of his violent excesses ends fatally for a young trans man.