Defense Minister Shoigu has contributed information about their loved ones-soldiers on the site of the project

Sergei Shoigu Sergei Shoigu.
the Ministry of defence

the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu have contributed information about their loved ones-soldiers on the site of the project “the Road of memory”. His uncle participated in the great Patriotic war (WWII), one of them was ordinary, and the other a military doctor.

an Ambitious and unique project to collect photographs and information about participants of the war, launched for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, has already attracted more than 27.5 million documents.

As told Shoigu, one of his uncle Ivan Y. Kudryavtsev was a military doctor. Major of medical service Kudryavtsev was actually the war consists of 22 separate medical-sanitary battalion 61st infantry Nikopol red banner division. In 1944 he was awarded the order “red star” for the excellent service and the warning of an outbreak of typhus. In addition, he was awarded medals “For the capture of Koenigsberg”, “For capture of Berlin” and “For victory over Germany”. After the war, Ivan Kudryavtsev five years worked in Germany, being engaged in the same medical practice.

the Second uncle Vasily Y. Kudryavtsev – went through the entire war as an ordinary. In June 1941, he went to the front, served in the 2nd separate battalion. And in October 1941 he was transferred to the 126th separate tank brigade, which in Vyazma battle stood in the way of the outbreak of the German offensive on Moscow, operation Typhoon. Once in the environment, 126 tank brigade was blocked in the enemy rear. Vasily Kudryavtsev, like hundreds of other Soviet soldiers who were captured. To escape from captivity, he managed only in September 1943.

“of Course, I could be there (on the site of the project “the Road of memory”. – approx. ed.) and his mother to make, but I I don’t think she can be a member, because she all these years been in the occupation…” – said Shoigu.

“the Road of memory” – the project of the Ministry of defense of Russia, designed to perpetuate the memory of the great Patriotic war. The material collected will be placed in the same gallery. It is built next to the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces in Moscow Park “Patriot”. This year on 9 may a special place in the celebrations in honor of Victory Day is the opening of a Museum complex “Road of Memory”.

to Share photos and letters from family archives and to memorialize their loved ones can be anyone. To do this, go to special section “memory Road” on the website of the Ministry of defense or to log in to the same category of “memory Road” through the site “memory of the nation”. After verification, the user will receive an email with a link to a new entry with the attached materials.

Documents about the relatives and their photos can also bring in mobile collection points in any city or apply to any military.