Four new voksenkuvøser must ensure that coronasmittede across the country can quickly be evacuated to a hospital.

the Defense will purchase four new epishuttles – or so-called voksenkuvøser – to transport patients who are infected with the coronavirus.

It informs the ministry of Defence in a press release.

A voksenkuvøse is an encapsulated stretcher, which can be used to isolate and transport a single patient. The patient can in kuvøsen receive treatment during transport, without the staff run the risk of being infected by the patient.

– This is about life and death. It’s about quickly being able to get out to those who need help, regardless of where they live in the country, says defence minister Trine Team (S).

And so it’s all about that staff should be protected against any infection, as those who must be downloaded, can have.

the Defense shall cooperate with the Region Midtjylland on the task of transporting patients infected with the coronavirus.

central denmark Region contributes with doctors, rescue workers and two voksenkuvøser. It is the Defence and rescue helicopters, which are used to patienttransporterne.

the Defense expects to be able to take the four new voksenkuvøser in use in the course of the coming weeks – and thus will the total capacity be increased to six.

The new incubators will be located at the redningshelikopterne, so the helicopter does not need to fly over to Aarhus to pick them up.

This means that the helicopter and the doctors will be able to meet directly at the patient, which can make the collection more efficient and flexible.

– There is no doubt that our preparedness will be significantly improved, when it comes to help in the outlying areas and transport in a secure manner, says Trine Team.

The four new voksenkuvøser costs around 2.5 million dollars, informs the ministry of defense.

They will not only be able to be used in connection with the outbreak of the corona virus, but also be used in the general rescue and evakueringsredskab.

Including evacuations abroad, for example, of soldiers in international operations.