In mid-January, presenter Anne Will announced that her successful Sunday talk would be discontinued at the end of the year. The ARD is now looking for a successor. According to a report, everything could decide between two “daily topics” moderators: Ingo Zamperoni and Caren Miosga.

At the end of 2023, after 16 years, Anne Will’s political talk show on ARD will end. It’s time for a change, says Will. The German talk show landscape will also change. So the ARD is desperately looking for a successor to Will, the “Bild” newspaper learned. NDR and ARD are already in talks. The desire is more in the direction of a woman, but a man is not excluded, it is said.

Many names would come up in internal debates. However, two candidates in particular who have already become well known on German television would be hotly debated: the “Tagesthemen” moderators Caren Miosga and Ingo Zamperoni.

On request, an ARD spokesman confirmed that the contracts of the two had already been extended until 2025. According to the newspaper, Sandra Maischberger’s contract should also be extended. In addition, ARD wants to broadcast one more evening a week with the moderator. Maischberger currently welcomes guests to her studio every Tuesday and Wednesday. So could Sunday night at Will time be your third night of the week? Probably not. According to information from “Bild”, Maischberger should not be considered as a potential successor.

It should therefore probably decide between Miosga and Zamperoni. The latter can already look forward to the greatest support from the spectators. For 16 percent it is the best choice, according to a survey commissioned by “t-online”. Ten percent want Miosga, for five percent “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers is the ideal Will successor.

The longest-serving “Tagesthemen” presenter, Miosga, has already succeeded Anne Will when she ended her career as “Tagesthemen” presenter in 2007. Zamperoni, in turn, replaced Miosga from 2012 to 2014 as “Daily Issues” spokesman. He returned in 2016 – and has remained true to the format so far. The ARD wants to commit to early summer, reports the “image”.

“Anne Will” is currently the most-watched political talk show on German television. The show on Sunday evenings has been particularly successful in the last two years – an average of more than 3.6 million viewers tuned in.