Debts of Russians for 10 years increased 6 times

Moscow, February 3 – “News.Economy.” Overdue debts of Russians for last decade has increased six – fold, to 18-20 thousand RUB thousand RUB with 3 in early 2010, per economically active resident, according to the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA).

“To date, on one economically active inhabitant on average 18-20 thousand rubles overdue debt, which is comparable to one average monthly salary (66% of the average wage). In 10 years this figure has grown six-fold: at the beginning of 2010 for every economically active resident had no more than 3 thousand rubles overdue debt, or 15% of the average wage,” – said in NAPCA.

the Share and volume of overdue debts in the whole country for last year has decreased. By the end of 2018 portfolio of “bad” debts of Russians to banks decreased slightly to 740-750 billion from 757,5 billion RUB, the company informed. The percentage of “overdue” loans for 2019 has decreased to 4-4,2% from 5%.

statistics show that its particular influence on the customer’s solvency is having it his profession. According SRO NAPCA, more than a third of all debtors accounts for such professions as security guards, doctors, drivers, waiters, mechanics, fitters, loaders, welders, storekeepers etc.

the Leaders of the rating are drivers with a share of about 9%, followed by sales of 8.5%, the third place is occupied by the workers (plumbers, installers, movers, etc) – 6%. In addition, people of these professions, the highest debt load: on average, they give more than 30% for repayment of obligations. Next are office professionals (sales managers, secretaries, etc.), in the aggregate, the share of this segment accounts for about 15-20%.

the Most disciplined category is military. Their share in the portfolio of debtors not more than 0.6%. Service discipline has an impact on civic life: it implies the ability to plan and responsible attitude to its obligations. The presence of enforcement proceedings can also prevent further promotion. These factors combine to make this category the most disciplined professions.

in addition, the top 3 paying citizens included teachers and doctors with a share of 0.3% for this category of important public reputation and respect, and the presence of delay positively on them absolutely will not be reflected.

this year for the first two years of “bad” debts can show a positive trend, although the pace of growth in outstanding debt and will be within expectations and will not lead to serious consequences, said RIA “Novosti” in NAPCA. Text: News.Economy