As explained by Dmitry Aristov, if the pensioner has no other income, then repayment of debt is only held by 20 percent of the pension. To obtain such discounts, the debtor should contact the Agency with the appropriate request. The law allows to take into account debt half of the pension. But now hard times and the debt burden should be eased.

As experts explain, in practice the bailiffs before he could reduce to 30 percent the share exacted in case of difficult financial situation of the debtor. The civil code allows you to reduce the “debt” ceiling to 20 percent. But to get such a large discount was not so simple: as a rule, had to go to court. Now the approach is softened. Reasons no need to explain.

Also, the bailiffs are ready to return to the discussion on the establishment of the alimony Fund. Answering questions, the Minister reminded that in 2013 the corresponding order of the President, it was studied. There were different points of view, including that the state should not replace the responsibility of parents for upbringing of children and create additional opportunities for the nonpayment of child support.

“I believe that it should be discussed on expert level, especially because we have amendments in the Constitution now put at the forefront, including the care of the state about children and their upbringing. We are ready to this work”, – said Dmitry Aristov.

He added that the FSSP have their own ideas on sources of formation of such a Fund, but without peer discussion to bring them to the public prematurely. As explained by the head of Department, alimony Fund involves two parts – expenditure and revenue. In his opinion, the revenue side has to take on not only the state but also society as a whole.

“How to generate revenues, which set the criteria for payments to maintenance Fund, how not to discourage parents who must pay child support and trying to flee? All this should be discussed at the expert level,” he said.

Another news: the Agency launched on the portal of public services a service that gives citizens access to information about enforcement proceedings. So citizens will be able online to test yourself on the lists of restricted to travel abroad.