Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, said in 1789: “there are Only two things on earth are certain: death and taxes.”

the Swiss figures in an international comparison, rather low taxes. However, tax debts are the most common Schuldenart.

An exclusive survey of Sunday view all 26 cantons shows how widely spread this distress is. Accordingly, more than 334 are operated in’000 Taxpayer is due to outstanding tax debts. In the section follows on more than any 20. A tax invoice is a debt enforcement procedure through the public sector.

In truth, the number is even higher. Because some of the large cantons such as Zurich, Aargau, Valais, Solothurn, and Thurgau were only able to provide Figures in relation to prosecutions instituted for the recovery of the Federal taxes. The collection of the municipal and cantonal taxes, the authorities, besässen you no information, these would be collected by the municipalities.

Christoph Mattes of the University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland, has spent years researching the debt in Switzerland, commented on the number of tax prosecutions succinctly: “This is too much!”

vicious circle of debt collection, garnishment and debt

The debt-to-expert is to keep in mind that the Affected have a current driver little Chance to pay the current taxes. The are not included in the debt collection legal existence minimum.

Matt explains what this means: “Who is to be operated, has to pay the next tax bill out of the unattachable income – and thus most other debt. Or he can’t pay the tax bill once again. Then the next operation is pre-programmed.”

So the people Affected were caught in a vicious circle of debt enforcement, seizure and re-borrowing from the tax office. As a solution the expert suggests a direct deduction of the tax from the payment of wages: “it would abolish the Problem is effective, because at least in the case of employees, no tax liabilities could arise.”

abroad, the direct payroll deduction and would be. Matt: “With the exception of the UK, be deducted in all European countries, the taxes directly from your salary.” There, therefore, tax liabilities almost only in the case of self-employed people.

taxes to existence minimum, take into account

Sébastien Mercier, managing Director of the debt advice Switzerland, also for the direct payroll deduction of the taxes is strong: “but it is also Important that people who are living on the breadline, are completely exempt from the tax burden.”

Mercier’s minimum requirement is: current taxes should be in the operation of the legal minimum subsistence level into account: “Only so Affected have a real Chance to get out of the debt spiral to break out.”

After all, doing something in the Federal government in Bern, at least as far as the last claim. The parliamentary Ombudsman in summer, the Federal office of justice, a template for the so-called remediation develop procedures for private individuals.

For Details, it was still too early, according to the authority. The “calculation of the subsistence minimum, with the inclusion of taxes” will, however, be reviewed in the context of the preparation of the template perfectly.