On Friday, the defense ministers of several dozen countries will meet at the US air force base in Ramstein. Tank deliveries in particular are likely to become an issue. US Secretary of Defense Austin is already meeting his new German colleague Pistorius today. The debate in the news ticker.

6:47 a.m .: This Thursday morning, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin meets the new Secretary of Defense Boris Pistorius (SPD), who will be sworn in in the Bundestag in the morning and then take over official business.

Thursday, January 19, 6:00 a.m.: According to reports, the USA is preparing new large arms deliveries to Ukraine, which is under attack from Russia. The news portal “Politico” reported on Wednesday, citing informed circles, that the USA is considering, among other things, the delivery of Stryker wheeled armored personnel carriers. Wheeled infantry fighting vehicles are used, for example, for reconnaissance and transport and are intended to offer a high level of protection against attacks. The US is not currently expected to approve deliveries of its own Abrams main battle tanks, the report said. The reason is the extensive maintenance and training on the battle tank.

There was initially no official confirmation of this. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on US television on Wednesday evening (local time): “We don’t want to burden our Ukrainian partners with systems they can’t use, systems they can’t repair, systems they can’t overhaul.” can.” The aim is to provide the armed forces with what they can use effectively on the battlefield. The Abrams main battle tank is different from what other countries have in their possession, Price stressed.

4.45 a.m .: “Bild” reported, citing government circles, that Scholz wanted to allow both German Leopard deliveries and NATO partners – if the USA also made their Abrams tanks available. As a result, the Chancellor is concerned that Europe and the USA only give battle tanks to Kyiv together so that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot split NATO. The Chancellery did not want to comment on the reports in the evening.