Over 100,000 registered infected with the coronavirus in Spain. Report shows over 30,000 in the whole world.

864 persons in the past day died in Spain as a result of coronaviruses, informs the government on Wednesday. It brings the total death count over 9000.

It shows a continued increase in the death toll.

a Day earlier were registered, 849 died.

at the same time, now registered over 100,000 infected with the coronavirus in Spain. The figure has risen from 94.417 Tuesday to 102.136 Wednesday.

Authorities say the death rate has fallen from 27 percent a week ago to 10.5 percent now. They see it as a sign that the epidemic may be peaking.

It is also backed up by the figures of infected people, where the trend is receding.

Recently is the increase of infected eight percent from almost 11 percent Tuesday.

But authorities warn that the pressure on the country’s intensive care units will be able to exceed the capacity for at least a week yet.

the crisis point for the Spanish hospitals is expected to occur at the end of this week or beginning of next.

Madrid is the region most affected, with 3865 deaths caused by coronaviruses. It has multiple places put a lot of pressure on hospitals and chapels.

Italy and Spain are right now the two hardest hit countries in the world of the disease Covid-19, as coronaviruses are to blame in the.

AFP News agency’s statement of died of Covid-19 in Europe was earlier in the day estimated at over 30,000.

Only Spain and Italy are responsible for two-thirds of the deaths in Europe.

The two countries are expected within a short time to be overtaken by the UNITED states, as most recently determined coronadødstallet to over 4000.

It is expected that the death toll in the UNITED states will rise to 100,000, maybe 200,000 or in the worst case even more.