over The past 24 hours we have in our country a total of 262 new cases have been reported. This brings the total number of coronadoden in our country is at 4.157. The number of new hospitalizations to stabilize, but remain high.

On Monday, the 13th of april, in our country, 530 new coronabesmettingen have been reported. 332 of them are living in the Flanders region, 129 in the walloon region and 62, Brussels, belgium. There were 7 cases in which the place of residence is not known. The total number of infections to be 31.119-to-face.

In the past 24 hours, there are also a total of 262 new cases in the. This means that the total number of people killed that didn’t give way to the corona virus at 4.157.

There were 242 people have been taken to the hospital, and 161 others were allowed back to the house. The total number of patients in the hospital is, therefore, to 5.536. Of 5.536, there are currently 1223 in intensive care, which is a decrease from the 11 patients in the previous 24 hours. In addition, it should be 915 patients, ventilation, of which there are 25 in less than a mon.

if you are in the large part of the residential care homes are going to be people who are it is believed that the corona virus had died, but also to the underlying diseases, were. Since the beginning of the outbreak of the corona virus so 4.157, people have died with confirmed or suspected infection with the COVID or 19, said virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht. 52 per cent of the deaths have been reported in hospitals, 46 per cent of residential care homes.

the Death will remain very high

“The virus is getting tired,” says the virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht. “The numbers are evolving positively. It is important that we continue to have our grip will continue.”

Several Protesters, the spokesman of the National emergency operations centre said that the analysis and interpretation of the numbers is left up to the experts. It will be on the basis of the National security council to advise on the steps that now need to be addressed. “The daily rates for each day in a harsh confrontation with the reality of it. However, there are optimistic elements. Mainly to the decreasing number of hospital admissions. That is experts are cautiously hopeful. However, the number of deaths, remains very high.”

According to him, we have to go to the “gently encouraging figures and will continue to keep this up. “Is our behavior that determines the curve, and not the other way around.”

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