While the grave corona-the crisis has prompted several Danish media to drop aprilsnaren in the years, a number of Danish celebrities chosen to maintain the pleasant tradition.

We bring here some of the funniest and most spectacular of its kind:

from the P3 programme ‘Curlingklubben’ selected to shelf 1. april by telling the listeners that the Christian Peasant had died.

Radioværternes joke quickly got listeners to rage, because it was believed that it was distasteful to make fun of death.

in Particular during a corona-epidemic.

Christian Peasant, believed to aprilsnaren was inside of the disc, when the fun was supposed to be, that he had died of a heart attack, ‘because he is fat’ and not of the corona.

Christian Bonde and Maria Fantino appear in the list of known aprilsnarer, when DR. stresses that it does not come from the media.

‘It is a totally clear mistake and a big one that should never have happened. The hosts realized it too, as soon as they had made it, but it was too late,’ writes redaktionschef on P3, Tine Maria Borresø, in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Television host Sofie Linde has both in ‘X Factor’ and ‘the Grandmaster’ turned up a big fat line under, that she is not a strong sangtalent.

Therefore cheated she probably not many, since she 1. april could announce that she had been contacted by a producer ‘producer MJ, who has made, uh, all sorts of cool things’, which would make music with her.

In the Instagram-looking she sings a vrøvlende and the banal taste of the lyrics, which will soon be released. Until her two-year-old daughter, Trine, disarming raises his hand and almost plaintive said:

‘don’t sing!’

Tv host and entrepreneur Emil Thorup has made a mockery of the corona-the crisis and the austrian infection-bomb Ischgl, which is currently located almost deserted.

‘taken a vacation getaway ski in Ischgl, surprisingly cheap and seriously no other in the lifts,’ writes Emil Thorup on Instagram for the picture.

A picture that’s good enough not to are taken in Ischgl, but in Elmau, revealing the text on the ski lift.

Ischgl is both famous and notorious for being an outright infection-bomb under the current corona-epidemic because the authorities were too bad and too slow to close the ski resort down before the virus spread to the whole of Europe in record time

Actress and model Sus Wilkins pulled an old April fools ‘ day-classic up at the hat and told his followers on Instagram that she was pregnant. Sus Wilkins was in december 2018 engaged to his girlfriend, the former ‘Voice’contestant Freja Kirk.

‘Must cope with non-alcoholic beer in a while,’ she wrote to a picture of themselves with a bloated stomach and added an emoji of a small family.

the Majority of her followers fell in with both legs and quite a short time after she had to put a new posting on Instagram:

‘And it was of course an April fool.. it was the best I could find.’

Chef and former ‘dancing with the stars’contestant Umut Sakarya could be 1. april come up with the surprising news that he must be a judge in TV 2’s danseprogram together with his former dance partner Jenna Bagge.

‘It means that I put the apron on the shelf and start a new life as fuldtidsdanser from today’s date,’ he writes on Instagram.

Umut Sakarys withdrew from last year’s ‘dancing with the stars’ shortly before the finals, because the number of hate comments on his danseevner and the person was too much for him.

He also would not like the season’s other udstemte dancers to return in the final to a last dance, as Jenna Bagge, therefore, had to dance alone.

‘It has been Umuts choice not to participate in the final, but having said that, I also think that it is best that we not dancing, when Umut do not want to,’ she wrote in the connection to B. T.

Nothing, however, suggest that it has turned swaths of the relationship.

‘You are still a tosling,’ writes Jenna Bagge to Umut Sakaryas April fool’s day and sends his former dance partner a kyssesmiley.