Another victim of the Texas shooting. Nineteen school children and two teachers were killed in the massacre. Now the husband of one of the teachers who was killed has also died. Shortly after bringing flowers to his late wife’s grave, the widower dies at home of a heart attack.

In the terrible massacre in a Texas elementary school, not only 19 school children were killed – two teachers were also shot. According to consistent reports, the husband of one of the teachers who was killed has also died.

The approximately 50-year-old visited a memorial for his wife on Thursday morning to lay flowers, the “New York Times” quoted the teacher’s nephew, John Martinez. When he got home he just fell over. The couple was reportedly married for around 24 years and had four children.

On a donation page that was set up, a woman who is said to be the cousin of the killed teacher wrote that the husband had died as a result of a medical emergency. “I truly believe that (he) died of a broken heart and that the loss of the love of his life (…) was too hard to bear,” it said. ABC, citing Martinez and a close family friend, reported that the husband died of a heart attack.

An 18-year-old opened fire in an elementary school in the Texas community on Tuesday, causing a bloodbath. The massacre occurred in a school classroom. The shooter was killed by police.