Dead poet Alla Goltsev

Poet Alla Goltsev died. This was the musical producer of group “Tender may” Andrei Razin announced on my instagram.

Publish from Andrei Razin "Tender May" (@razin_andrei_lm) 22 APR 2020 7:08 PDT

He called Golczewo great and told me that she died yesterday morning. Razin also said that the poet collaborated with such artists as Larisa Dolina, Ekaterina Shavrina, Anne Veski, Igor nadzhiev, Valentina Tolkunova, Alexei Glyzin, ion Suruchanu, Zaur Tutov, Nika, Natalia nurmukhamedova, Gemma Khalid, Valery Pak, Mr Kurochkin, Sergei Izbash, Alexey Chumakov, but mostly wrote lyrics to songs of group “Tender may”.

“Over 50!” he said.

According to Razin, the soloist of “Tender may” Yuri Shatunov wrote the song “Childhood” with the direct participation Golevoy. In addition to song lyrics and poems, Goltsev, as reported by the “Rambler”, concocted tales. Razin called all her works are classic, and the very Golczewo — indeed the great poet of all times and peoples.

“good night, Alia. We love you and remember. The Kingdom of heaven to you. The bright memory”, — he added.