An environmental volunteer happened upon what she thought was a decapitated, dismembered and decaying corpse lying face-down on a Florida beach, but upon closer inspection the truth was a lot sillier, not sinister.

A passing bystander had already made the call to 911 before a more detailed examination revealed the rather grim discovery was actually little more than driftwood, in the form of a mannequin that had clearly seen better days. 

The Ocean Hour volunteer, identified only as Katherine, was conducting clean up operations on a Florida beach at Perdido Key when the merry mix up occurred.

“How long has she been out in the water collecting barnacles and sealife? Way too long!” the environmental nonprofit group wrote on a post which quickly racked up thousands of reactions and shares. 

Some wryly pointed out the anatomical ‘dead giveaways’ that this was, in fact, not human.

“That’s right. When you chop off a person’s head there is just a big hole there and they are hollow like a chocolate Easter bunny,” one commenter quipped.

The Florida panhandle has seen its fair share of foul weather of late, amid a record-breaking hurricane season, so residents can expect more unorthodox and frightening finds in the near future. 

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