The obituary is beautifully decorated, speaks of beautiful memories. In a poem, Passage from Goethe: “One Morning you Wake up. The birds are singing but, as you sang yesterday.”

It is the obituary of Markus E.* (†55), the Aargau, which was found after the truck festival in Interlaken on Monday morning found dead in his tent. Cause of death: A natural death.

Festival holiday,

For over 20 years, Markus E. went to the truck festival, told Robert E., the father of the deceased. “He was a huge truck – and Countryfan, the Festival was for him the Highlight of the year.”

Markus E. was impaired and worked in a sheltered workshop. Nevertheless, he used the Festival to spend on my own in Interlaken a few days holiday, told the father.

It had been a great shock, when suddenly the police have stood in front of the door, and “the terrible news broke,” says the dad. His son was peacefully asleep – the heart failed. Robert E.: “He has to take life long medication.”

Markus E. was reliable and generous

there is deep shock in the working and residential area (EEZ) in kleindöttingen AG, where Markus E. worked in the Assembly shop and electronics built – in parts for companies from the Region. The workshop leaders presented a intend to with a photo of Markus, black loops, and a condolence book. “A resident has put a bowl with sweets, because Markus gave his friends something Sweet,” explains EEZ, managing Director of Roger Cavegn (56).

“are stirred up His friends to the news very emotionally,” says Cavegn. That is why you would visit as a group on Thursday for the funeral to say goodbye.

Cavegn and Markus E. knows for over ten years. “He was always very reliable.” Especially like he did at a Fixed helped, for example, in a restaurant at the winery. In addition, he has organized itself for everything, a group from the EEZ could regularly go to the Discos for people with disabilities, which take place in the Region. This initiative was very remarkable.”

*Name known to the editors