the Opening of the Tretyakov gallery, the beginning of Brusilovsky breakthrough, the first presentation of the Pulitzer prize and other events that occurred on that day.

4 Jun 1856 Moscow the owner of the cotton mill factories Pavel Tretyakov acquired the first two paintings by Russian masters. This event marked the beginning of the creation of the Moscow city gallery of Tretyakov, which was later transferred to the patron of Moscow as a gift. This art Museum has the largest collection of Russian fine art.

June 4 (may 22, old style), 1916 during the First world war began one of the largest offensive operations of the Russian army in South West front. In the course of it for the first time military action was the breakthrough of the enemy front — hence the name of the operation “Brusilovsky breakthrough”.

the First presentation of one of the most prestigious awards of the USA in the field of literature, journalism, music and theatre took place on 4 June 1917. Then the Pulitzer prize was awarded in four categories — reportage, editorials, book on US history and biographical work.

4 Jun 1922 came the first illustrated satirical weekly Supplement to the newspaper “worker” in 16 pages. Initially the application was the same as newspaper, and on the 13th the rooms became known as “the Crocodile”. The first two editions of the app was almost entirely devoted to the trial of the socialist-revolutionaries, held at that time in Moscow.

June 4, 1972 the poet Joseph Brodsky due pressure the authorities were forced to emigrate from USSR to USA. There the poet was invited to teach at the University of Michigan. During the years spent in the States, the poet traveled, staged workshops for poetry, gave lectures on poetry. In the US, Brodsky achieved fame and in 1987 was awarded the Nobel prize.

June 4, 1975 was born the famous American actress Angelina Jolie. In 2020 she’s turning 45 years old. Angelina Jolie made her film debut in 1982, playing a role in the Comedy film “In search of an exit”, but known once played Lara Croft in “Lara Croft: tomb raider” and “Lara Croft: tomb raider 2 — the Cradle of life.” Jolie — owner of the award “Oscar” and three awards “Golden globe”.

This day is celebrated annually on 4 June 1983. The holiday was established by the UN General Assembly on the first anniversary of the Israeli air RAID on Beirut and several other towns of Lebanon, which killed large numbers of civilians, including children.