Daughter of press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has decided to celebrate the international Day of blondes, published in his Instagram account with photos from the family archives, showing her blonde hair.

“I Want to again remind you that I’m a natural blonde without any bleaching and lightening,” writes Elizabeth Peskov.

She also quoted dialogue from the film “Love and pigeons” about “bitch dyed” and gone to the people a replica of the heroine Lyudmila Gurchenko: “Well, why dyed? It’s my natural color!”.


A post shared by Elizaveta Dmitrievna (@lisa_peskova) on May 31, 2020 at 5:59am PDT

Peskov proud to be able to maintain the health of their hair and are willing to share with subscribers tips on caring for them.

Daughter of the press Secretary often says certain events in their social networks. So, in April, Elizabeth wrote that she loved the scandalous interview of Regina Todorenko, in which she actually accuses the victims of domestic violence that they provoke a beating. Peskov called the suffers of women that put up with aggressive behavior of their partners.

On 22 April, the girl criticized the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill, noting that “in luxury with a tuple does not inspire confidence”. In the comments she replied that she is now closer to Islam. Peskov has even decided to fast during the month of Ramadan.