In the case of “daughter-in-law” wanted to find looking for Swiss Benjamin (41) and the German cult-the candidate Ingo (28) the big love. Both became friends after participating in the RTL Show in the year 2014. Now Ingo is visiting his buddy in Switzerland and brought with him even his girlfriend Annika.

A happy news after the shock of Ingos incurable lung disease. Twice, Ingo was already with Benjamin in Frutigen, BE. However, for the first Time, he is now with his sweetheart, Annika in the country. He wants to show now Switzerland. His friend Benjamin is happy, that this time the woman on Ingo’s side. “For me, she is a good friend. She’s happy so so on Switzerland,” he says in an interview with LOOK. More Ingos colleague revealed: “Annika is the woman for him.”

Ingo, and Annika have a full Tourist program

The cult of the candidate, and his girlfriend since yesterday, Thursday, in the country. Benjamin has picked up the two even extra at the airport in Zurich. Until Sunday, the Pair remains. On the mandatory program, for the cult of the candidate and his Annika the Blausee, as they were now. The Aare gorge as you leave you will look at. “The must have seen Ingo and Annika,” says Benjamin, who wants to show his buddy as much as possible. What loves Ingo in Switzerland? “The air, it is a special air. And, of course, the peace and the mountains.”

About the friendship that connects the two, says Benjamin: “We are very close friends, actually, best buddy.” The family of the “daughter-in-law wanted”-favorite Ingo said even his buddy, that he also belong to the family. Sounds like have really found two friends.