You cannot prevent infection with the corona virus. Still, the Covid vaccines have significant benefits. They not only minimize the risk of serious infections, but also protect against long-Covid, a new study now shows.

It has long been known that the corona vaccines are not able to prevent infection with the virus. Despite immunization, diseases can also occur, in very few cases even serious ones. As a new study shows, the vaccines probably also protect against long-Covid.

Researchers from Israel used around 3,500 participants to investigate the influence of two or more doses of the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine on the later long-Covid risk.

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“How to recognize them, why they affect so many and what really helps” by J├Ârdis Frommhold

“It is becoming increasingly clear that vaccines not only protect against disease but, as the results of this study suggest, also against the long-term, sometimes life-changing effects of Covid-19,” quoted the Jerusalem Post study author Michael Juwel.

The study period is from July to November 2021, so data on Omicron is missing. The team led by Juwel therefore intends to carry out further research on Long-Covid in the future.

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, long or post-Covid can also manifest itself through many other symptoms. These include

But heart problems, kidney and metabolic disorders can also occur as a result of an infection.

“The frequency of Long-Covid cannot yet be reliably estimated,” writes the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Depending on the database, case definition and study methodology (such as the length of the follow-up period, the number of symptoms and health problems recorded or the presence of a control group), different studies would come to very different estimates.

In a review study of 23 reviews and 102 original papers, the proportion of long-Covid had varied from 7.5 percent to 41 percent in studies of adults without hospitalization. In adults who had to be treated in hospital for Covid 19 disease, 37.6 percent also reported long-term health consequences.