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What is the story?

“Marvel’s Daredevil” or “Daredevil”, based on the characters of the same name Comics of Marvel. It is the first of four Marvel series, which have appeared up to now on Netflix.

What is it?

Daredevil is another superhero from the house of Marvel. The blind Matt Murdock fights during the day in the Form of a lawyer, and by night in the Form of a super hero. However, his Childhood was anything but easy. York district, grew up in the New “Hell’s Kitchen,” he lost due to a chemistry accident, his eyes light, but then a superior hearing and olfactory functions. In addition, he lost his parents and had to learn to fend for themselves. He was assisted by the blind, “Stick”, who taught him advanced Martial Arts.

at the beginning of the series of the grown-up Matt Murdock with his best friend Foggy is a law firm in Hell’s Kitchen. At about the same time a villain by the name of Wilson Fisk and his far-networked criminal organization begins to drive on the loose in the area. The Team of Matt Murdock tries everything in their Power to bring the criminal to justice. But as it becomes clear that the legal way is not enough to stop him, decides Matt Murdock to take the law into his own hands and to fight as the super hero Daredevil Fisk.

Who are the main actors? Role Cast Member Matt Murdock Charlie CoxKaren Page Deborah Ann WolfFoggy NelsonElden Henson Wilson FiskVincent D’onofrio, Claire Temple, Rosario Dawson Stick Scott Glenn General Information Country Of Production United StaatenErstausstrahlung10.04.2015 genre action, adventure, fantasy language English, German, French, Italian subtitles English, German, French, Italian number of Staffeln3Anzahl Episoden39Episodenlängezwischen 46 and 61 MinutenAltersfreigabe18+ VIEWS says:

For “Marvel’s Daredevil” you need no prior knowledge, and also as a Non-Comic Fan, you will be swept along by the action. Contrary to what one would expect from Marvel, perhaps, there is no exaggerated paranormal activity like Aliens, but you can expect a solid Action series, the not but contains enough Fantasy elements to disappoint Marvel Fans. In addition, the role of the Daredevil and actor Charlie Cox fits like the fist on the eye.

However, certain actions are to be guessed far in advance, easy to use, because the voltage suffers a bit.

rating: 3 out of 4 stars

What is it about the second season?

According to Fisk’s conviction seems to be for a long time now, and a bit of relaxation in Hell’s Kitchen returning. However, this is disturbed, when suddenly several members of the three criminal organisations to be murdered in the most brutal way. A former soldier named Frank Castle seems to be on his own personal vendetta. Daredevil manages to grab him and handed over to the police. He and his Team can understand his actions, to assume the defense of Frank before the court. However, this should not get a fair trial, which complicates matters considerably.

at the same time Matt has to live with his double to fight, and he seems to be losing more and more of the world of the evil machinations. Also a secret organization called “the Hand” is always more powerful. Together with his former teacher Stick and his ex-girlfriend Elektra, she tried to Daredevil to stop.

all the While, Fisk tried to leave in prison, his relationships to the outside to play, without having the authorities get Wind of it.

there Are other important actors role of actors ELEKTRA NatchiosÉlodie YungFrank CastleJon Bernthal Here is the Trailer of the second season:

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What it is in the third season?

In the third season, it’s Daredevil, worse than ever before. Both physically as well as mentally, he is with his powers at the end. But he must quickly get back on their feet, because his old arch-rival Fisk is again on free foot and up to mischief. He has, however, completed a Deal with the FBI, which makes him a target for other criminal organizations. In this circumstance, the renewed unrest after Hell’s Kitchen, and Matt, who is in a crisis of faith, has to decide whether he wants to accept his identity as Daredevil.

Meanwhile, seems to be losing Dex to his Stop and Fisk a helping Hand to him, with fatal consequences.

there Are other important actor role cast member Maggie grace Joanne WhalleyDexWilson Bethel Blake tower Stephen Rider Here it is the Trailer of the third season:

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

there Will be a fourth season?

quite unexpectedly, the Streaming giant Netflix announced the series Out of the Marvel production. Not only Fans, but also the series creators were taken by surprise by this decision. The recently released third season was showered with good reviews, the just and the series generated good Numbers. Why, then, it came to the setting of the series?

Numerous rumors are in circulation, which suggests that this came not from Netflix, but by Marvel itself. Evidence there is not. It is, however, harben believed that behind all the creation of the new Streaming service from Disney is that Marvel poached.

the fact is that, in addition to “Marvel’s “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”, two more of Marvel’s Daredevil” productions at the end of found.