Actress Lotte Andersen experience, to the committee of good women’s roles have been greater in Denmark in recent years.

in recent weeks, television viewers on Sunday night been able to experience the actress Lotte Andersen in two very different roles.

” On DR1, she has dramaserien “When the dust has settled” to play the role of the ministry of justice wife, Stina, who tragically, is shot and killed in a terrorist attack.

at the same time, the toner Lotte Andersen, for the time forward on the rival channel TV2 Charlie in the police uniforms and tighten the tuber in the role as inspector Hanegaard in the series “Sommerdahl”.

And the type of diversity in the roles is exactly what Lotte Andersen prefers.

– I think it’s really nice to play very different roles. I think that much of what I’m doing is far away from me though, and it’s great.

– I’m happy to use the whole palette, and that the characters I play, is not either good or evil, but have different nuances in their personalities, so it doesn’t become too uniform. There is space for, that I can play a stupid skid and the one you feel with, she says.

the 57-year-old Lotte Andersen has through his long career managed to move out in most corners of the skuespilfaget.

at twenty, she was a part of the theatre environment Dr. Dante, and since then, she has in addition to a variety of roles on film and theatre appeared in tv series such as “the Bridge”, “Rita” and “Crime”.

Before coronakrisen hit Denmark, she was in time to record the second season of Viaplay-the series “Freedom,” where she plays the character of Jacqueline, as in the first season lures two former scammers to resume their criminal career.

– There will be produced a great many tv-series in Denmark in these years, and it is only to the benefit of us actors. It also means that you get the opportunity to play something different than usual, she says.

In skuespilbranchen, the committee may, by roles or else be less, as you as an actor gets older. Especially for women.

But Lotte Andersen’s feeling is that it has been better in recent years.

– It is hard to answer, but my experience is that it is turning. I think there are very many – and very good – female roles of the time.

– I’ve got really a lot of positive feedback on the “When the dust has settled”, because it shows two elderly women, who form the pair. People write that it has never seen on tv before.

– So maybe there is still a blind spot, where you do not get told so many stories about women who are a little older. But when I look out over the landscape, I think in general, that there are a great many cool new roles, she says.

Then Lotte Andersen was offered the role of inspector Hanegaard in the “Sommerdahl”, she got to know that the character was originally written as a man in author Anna Grues books, which the tv series is based on.

But the tv crew had chosen to make the character into a woman in order to create a better gender balance in the series. It is only good, it seems Lotte Andersen.

– To write the characters as women instead of men is also an easy way to break a cliché at. For we have simply seen the male police chief or detective so many times, so just by putting a woman to it, one is like out of the cliché, says Lotte Andersen.