this Year’s Tour de France is in danger of being canceled, if coronakrisen will continue in coming few months.

And the prospect of a summer without cycling on the French roads have scored more cycling fans to speculate on the iconic Grand Tour of the place must be run completely without spectators.

race director Christian Prudhomme has already been out to say that he didn’t think to run the Tour de France this year, if the organizers are forced to run the course without spectators.

Several of the Danish cyclists ‘ views to a place in this year’s Tour field, and therefore have B. T. asked some of cykelstjernerne about what they think about the whole situation.

Kasper Asgreen, a 25-year – Deceuninck–Quick-Step:

He is the recent years become an important profile of the belgian large groups, and this year he was scheduled to run his second Tour de France, which for him is a unique experience:

“It will be a somewhat different experience, if there are spectators on the roadside during the Tour. This is something of what makes the course so special. There is so much support in the three weeks, and it all helps to give atmosphere and charm. The cool thing about the sport is the fact also, that the spectators can get as close as possible.”

He says, however, that he would rather run the world’s greatest cycling race without spectators, since a cancellation would have severe consequences for several of the cykelrytterne on the World Tour:

“the Consequences in order not to run the course this summer will be really great for the sport. It applies, among other things, in relation to the riders ‘ sponsorships. There are quite a lot of the part that depends of the Tour de France.”

Michael Mørkøv, 34-year – Deceuninck–Quick-Step:

The defending Danish champion has been running the Tour de France several times, and he points to another problem, if the summer’s cycling events to be run without spectators in the side of the road:

“I’m thinking, it seems a little unrealistic to run without spectators. You can enough good be hard to keep people away from the roads. Spectators are a big part of the sport, and it has always been.”

He is, however, agree with his Danish teammate with regard to the organisation of this summer’s big bicycle race:

“If this is the way, the Tour can be settled on, then I will of course like it. There will still be television transmission, and if the alternative is to run without spectators, so it would clearly be preferable for the sport rather than cancel the race.”

Magnus Cort, a 27-year – EC Pro Cycling:

the Winner of the 15. stage at the 2018 edition of the Tour de France believes that cycling can still be run without spectators. For him it is not that that changes anything in relation to the motivation:

“When I’m in it, so I will easily be able to run without thinking about it. There will also be running other races without spectators. There are still millions of people who see it in the tv, and the lack of spectators aren’t going to change, that it is one of the biggest races to run.”

Jublen from the many cycling fans in the side of the road means still a part of the Danish cyclist, but there are other things that play a bigger role for him when it comes to cycling:

“I’d rather run it that way than to not run it. For me it is not what makes the Tour great. So long as it is being transmitted, so it is still the old Tour de France.”