do not think, With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, you can call Daniela Büchner quite a Influencerin and because of that, she also makes advertising for cosmetics and co., And that’s because currently, the Coronavirus is raging, the five-fold mother about this lucrative source of income to stop.

source: “Because it is a Job,”

criticism of it out there already by people such as Oliver Pocher, who could not understand how Influencer in spite of the Corona-crisis still apply lipsticks and hair masks, including a discount code on Instagram. Daniela Büchner, but it also says that it is currently their only source of income, after all, you can’t open your cafe the Feneteria Due to Corona.

But Daniela defended her Job, and told RTL: “In television, there are also advertising. I’m a single mother of five children, I have no husband, I want no pity, but I want to understand that we, too, work in Instagram, see it as a Job.“

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