The family of Daniel Küblböck (33) comes to rest: The “American idol”Star is valid for three months missing. The singer jumped of the Board of the cruise ship Aidaluna in the icy Atlantic. Since then, lacking any trace of him. Now, his former stylist, Nicole Prylutzki published a biography about the singer. To the great Annoyance of the family of the artist. Küblböcks stepmother criticized the author of the book sharp.


On their Facebook page makes Marianne Küblböck their Anger: “It is simply disrespectful. Without the consent of Daniel or the family. He has not yet been once declared to be dead, and then so what! Impossible – only money-making,” writes the wife of Daniel’s father, Günther Küblböck. Your Facebook followers to give their right and in the comment columns also outraged by the publication of the book. This was “outrageous, unbelievable, and irreverent.” A woman throws in that the author of Daniel Küblböck’ve only known each other for a “very short time”.

author will have had to publish the book in spite of criticism

in fact, to Nicole Prylutzki for over ten years, no contact with your former customers. Nevertheless, it maintains its decision not to publish the work: “Anyone can write a biography, you need no permission,” she explained to the German magazine. “I would like to provide his Fans with my book, a memento of your favorite star.”

“It was a fun time with him”

On the Homepage of the publisher, the author takes her subject to the book release more: “I had the good fortune to have the artist Daniel Küblböck some time to accompany you. I am trained as a fashion designer and I can design some crazy Outfits for him. It was a fun time with him.” You’ve seen a few stories with Daniel, of which you would like to report. (brc)