Whether it’s an allergic reaction to care and make-up products, for hormonal reasons or due to an unhealthy diet: there are various causes for pimples – and at least as many auxiliary products.

If you want to get rid of a pimple quickly and at short notice, for example before an important event, you do not necessarily have to buy expensive anti-pimple agents. Because a cheap item from the medicine or shoe cabinet can make the impurity disappear overnight.

To treat the pimple, you only need conventional blister plasters.

Blister plasters contain an active gel with hydrocolloid particles that can absorb moisture and thicken excess liquid into gel. In the case of a blister, the hydrocolloid patch draws the inflammatory fluids out of the wound, creating an optimal environment for the healing process.

It works the same way with inflamed pimples: pus and oil are drawn out, the pimple can heal and, above all, does not become inflamed any further. The so-called “pimple patches” also work according to this principle.

This tip works mainly for actively inflamed pimples – rather less for blackheads, clogged pores and underlays. In addition, blister plasters should only be used as a short-term emergency aid. They are not suitable as a long-term solution.

If you also have very sensitive skin, it is better to use plasters that have been specially developed for the face, such as pimple patches or herpes plasters. This is because the many blister plasters use stronger adhesives so that they sit firmly on the foot and can withstand friction and pressure. These adhesives can irritate sensitive facial skin.

The original of this article “An unusual tool fights pimples overnight” comes from Bunte.de.