The decline in the volume of the order includes, however, a certain base effect, since the volume of orders received in the comparison period is very high, said the industry Association Swissmem is on Tuesday. Of the negative development of revenues, gross had been firms slightly more affected than SMEs.

The goodness out of it rose drove slightly by 0.9 percent and reached a value of 17.2 billion Swiss francs. The largest increases were recorded in exports to the US (+6.4%) and the export development in the EU was slightly positive (+0,5%). A decline in exports to Asia (by 0.6%). In the case of the categories of goods, the export increase has been in the precision instruments (+6.0%) was gratifying, and also the exports in the area of electrical engineering/electronics (+1,2%) were positive. However, the Quality decreased exports in the machinery and equipment (-1.9%) and metals (-5,4%).

The slowdown in the economy in important sales markets have had an impact. “The beginning of the year, we anticipated a sideways movement in the development of the business. This seems to be confirmed now”, Swissmem-Director Stefan Brupbacher quoted in the statement. As the risks of Brexit, the debt situation in some EU States, as well as the worldwide threshold to be trade conflicts.

For the remainder of the year is expected with a sideways movement in the business development of the MEM-industry. The expectations of the entrepreneurs for the next twelve months are behavior. According to the latest survey expect 26 percent (previous year: 48%) with rising orders from abroad. Just under half (49%) of consistent orders. With declining orders, 25 percent of the companies expect.

“In this Situation, home-made uncertainties should be avoided,” said Brupbacher. In the upcoming votes of the Association is in favour of the adoption of the AHV/tax template as well as the new weapons law. The creators for finally security about the future tax regime. Also the institutional framework agreement, there is a need for rapid progress. In addition, the rapid conclusion of new free trade would bring contracts with the United States and the Mercosur new opportunities in key sales markets. (SDA)