Before that, however, when the baby was born the birth canal, and his wife, still not sdyuzhil, went behind the curtain. And then I heard a squeak of a newborn. “It’s a boy!” announced the midwife. Chest Zhenya something lurched, then all covered with a warm wave from the head to the heels. “Bear, do you mean” – happily sighed to herself. Life is not just smiled. She clenched him and his wife in the arms, so much so that they both got dizzy. “Eugene, all happy…” – murmured the wife, lying upon her bosom lump of living. Eugene turned away and was busily staring at the wall. Not enough yet to see his tears. Giant of marathon under two meters tall, but actually the crying. the.

Happiness lasted exactly 1 minute, 39 seconds. Eugene is clearly remembered: he recorded on the memory time of the birth of the Bears and then instinctively looked at his dial, when he heard the voice of the doctor: “your baby… the suspicion… the down syndrome… “

Warm gracious wave inside in the blink of an eye vanished, as if slammed close to a nuclear explosion. “What the hell?!” flashed the zip in the brain. Eugene stared blankly at the squeaky ball. Everything is in place, two arms, two legs, a head there, on her eyes, mouth, nose barely visible, in the order of everything! Down What???

In the delivery room was so quiet that it seemed clearly audible as happily beating heart of the newly made citizen Michael E. Anisimova, two minutes old. He lay with his eyes closed and enjoyed the usual air, which was so tasty and enjoyable.

– Eugene, this is serious… Let’s solve it…- barely audible said the wife.

And the second on hospital someone kicked out of a cannon. The walls shook, the whole of the Sevastopol Avenue in Moscow together with the hospital began quietly to go underground. So, anyway, it seemed to his Wife.

– What did you say? – and he said.

Soon discovered the newborn postpartum pneumonia. It urgently transferred to children’s hospital next door. Eugene with a bunch of trendy diapers and diaper upsets the body, where Mike, his son, his Mishanka. Wife with complications after birth stayed in the hospital. Come to the ultimate genetic analysis. The child was indeed a chromosomal abnormality, down syndrome. Instead of the usual 46 Misha “wormed” somewhere superfluous 47th chromosome. And, means, disability, mental and physical development, the child is a cripple, polwood.

– …and definitely the weight, firmly attached to the feet of the father and mother, – finished a sad enumeration in-law Eugene. A large table sat it, mother-in-law, Eugene and his wife. The fate of man.

– In General, – concluded the father-in-law. – Give the child to an orphanage. Play caring parents stupid. Let the state take care of him. And you Esche pare healthy, and you life in joy and not in sorrow.

He stared at his daughter. She nodded: “I this not ready…”

– And I’m ready! said suddenly firmly, cut off as Eugene. Everyone stared at him. Minute other – and the young father was hit by the tsunami of reproaches, admonitions, warnings and threats.

– Then the divorce – said the mother-in-law. Daughter echoed: “Divorce…” Her father drew the line: “Run – and no snot”.

Jack stood silently from the table and began to dress in the hall. “Where are you going?” – asked in surprise the wife. “The son,” he said curtly. The door slammed shut.

– Before you go to the hospital to see the Bear, I do two hours then walked in circles around the body, wept bitterly and cursed, – says Eugene, and I see him tremble eyelashes. – I have ruined life eyes. I loved my wife, she was absolutely “my” man, my system of values. Anyway, I thought I did. By the time we have lived in perfect harmony for 5 years. Moved from Volgograd to Moscow, I was invited to a new job as an electrical engineer. Came to us with her whole family, everyone was preparing to leave. I really wasn’t even on the seventh to the twentieth heaven. And suddenly… After all, I did not drink, was healthy as an ox marathon distance run, never stole, never hurt anybody, that’s just a cherry boy to the neighbor climbed… Well, why I have such a son is born? What did I do???

– And then as a brick knocked on the head, snickered Jack. I have all good health, a job, my mother is still alive, and my sister helps. Friends, there is so much. But the Bears have no one but me, no. And he is… And his in the orphanage?! And I mean as if nothing had happened, will be with wife and new Bears to plane? Well, the thing I’m a pussy. And all… then I Bear flew as on wings. Hug him, kiss just. Since then we are inseparable. I have another champion will be, you’ll see! Know how to swim already? Dolphin, shark!

– it Hurts!! – shouted the Manager Christina. And she smiles from ear to ear. She throws the Teddy Bear, and he in gratitude seized her by the hair. A slight movement of the hand and a few hairs remained Misha from Christina in memory. She laughs: “What husband will say? Come home so bald?”

Christine has been working in one of the Volgograd pools for the little ones. Eight month old “Dolphin” here, know and love all. It is necessary to see the gusto with which the coach is truly swartzeneggers addition (too, by the way, the name is Michael) learns to swim his namesake. Little Bear rolls his eyes with delight, and big without getting tired then “dives” it carries with cosmic speed over water, you Multijet. “To the sharks is still far away…” – I say out loud. Jack immediately retorted: “Come back in a year! And race with him! Lose a Tr��Tr!” And he lit up like a Christmas bulb.

– do you think you long enough? – asking my mind a politically incorrect question that revolves in my mind from the first minute of exploring Eugene. He was silent, then suddenly asks: “have You ever fallen into the well? We are here with the Bear fell. Well, figuratively. And now we rise up. And to get out, only clinging to each other backs. So will a lifetime to climb. Otherwise, get out”.

I Gave the baby I killed him. Is that what they say in the East, where almost no children’s homes. I must say: save me, God, to judge anyone. Every man for himself and for those whom have tamed or brought forth answers himself. However, here’s the situation – all screenings during pregnancy was perfect. The tests also. Absolutely nothing foreshadowed the tragic zigzag. And like a bolt from the blue: “your child has down syndrome”.

How many of a hundred people survive such a blow? And of the thousand? One, two, maximum ten. Or am I a pathological pessimist? And we’re so rapidly changing for the better? Choice – God forbid everyone. On the one hand – your flesh, blood. On the other – the crazy burden of responsibility and moral burdens: to see the native man could not do in three years what his peers make in a year. “Misha still has no say over where his ears, nose, hair, I despair,” sighed Tamara, Zhenia’s mother. And I see her really hard. Experiencing scared. But my honest question is: what needs to happen to make you gave his grandson to an orphanage? – she doesn’t even know what to say. Tamara just for a minute freezes. Probably to kill a visiting journalist for such questions it is easier than something intelligible to say.

the Statistics, however, is encouraging: from Downey every year refuse less and less. Especially in small towns and regional centers. There are regions where the percentage of failures is close to zero. Not, of course, in large cities. They are still in the tail. Where there is more opportunities and entertainment extra “burden” to anything. Here are just a “burden” it? We are all with peculiarities, we are all special. Why, then, this definition most often applies specifically to them, to those who have only one extra chromosome? I was amazed at the fact when I found out that the vast majority of Downey love to go to Church, participate in the sacraments. And, on assurances of the parents, that’s exactly right for them, not a game, not a quest.

Maybe it was just the Lord from time to time tired of always asking something, always cranky and angry? And then he runs the very excess chromosome – one in 700 cases. And there is a child who absolutely cannot be offended, angry, hugs to all, enjoys all and by its very nature just a little ball of positive?

– it is, – a C● Eugene. – No wonder because of their “sun” is called. In their rays and we, the parents keep warm. And “parent №1” and “parent №2”.

you too?! – astonished me.

Jack laughs: “didn’t I? What do you mean, I’m the opposite! Like where you read about of number of parents, I think: this is the roof of the world, or his individuals going? Well, after all the nonsense, absurd! Has a mom, a dad. Hundred centuries they were called. Why change, why outright nonsense to do? I got movement even decided to create – in support of moms and dads. To leave in this sense, as it was. Fifteen hundred users have already registered, can you imagine?”

– And you are thought of by some to ask those who registered or even online? – ask. – After all, how many money raising Misha goes.

Jack shrugs: “help do not refuse, but he just one won’t ask again. We need not Bear, believe me. Well I get the wife a symbolic, but still sends child support. Someone gives a pass to the pool, someone’s helping with the doctors. Hold. In General, good people very much, they just do not put myself embarrassed. I have more than a hundred friends, and only four of them after all is said, “a Fool that the orphanage would not give.”

Suddenly hang? Or vein open?

the Clock strikes midnight. Zhenya shares his heavy thoughts: “I’m Afraid for your ex-wife. Well, divorced. Well, sort of forgotten… But not forgotten yet? And if anything’ll do with them? Probably pulls to son. Imagine sitting in front of the TV and thinks – there is a Teddy Bear? Ate? Healthy? That’s the tragedy.”

– Secretly hoping will get back together? – I ask.

Jack thinks. After a pause a few moments, said quietly: “Living together is unlikely. We’re not exactly in the same boat. But the son to come, to let him know that he has a mom, a real – it would be great”.

cat Matthew is sleeping near us in the Palace. At some point he suddenly starts to wheeze and painful to snort. Jack jumps up, picks him up, blowing on it. Matthew calms down.

– Always come to the rescue? – slightly taunt me.

Eugene smiles: “served In the army in the assault. We have the saying was: there is no task impossible for the landing troops. Try to match it.”

after a Pause, he adds: “in fact, my wife was in Moscow, lived in Turkey once went. Now Bear in people have to withdraw. And it should be technically feasible, right?”

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