The Russian foreign Ministry has warned Czech Republic about the consequences that will inevitably have provocation to charge of our country in the alleged planned poisoning of the Prague politicians. But Sergei Lavrov said insinuations "unthinkable".

According to the published media version, Russia has dispatched to Eastern European Republic under diplomatic cover professional killer, who imported the deadly poison ricin and was supposed to eliminate the unwanted foreign leaders involved in the anti-Russian attacks, including the recent demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev.

This story is not just the result of wild imagination of the journalists of the newspaper Respekt, with a light hand which she began her public way. Three politicians — the mayor of Prague Zdenek Grzybu, the mayor of the district Prague 6 Ondřej Kolaria and the mayor of the Prague district of Reporyje Pavel Novotny (where yesterday began the erection of a monument to Vlasov) — do charge of state security, and the Czech counterintelligence, security and information (SBI), has officially confirmed that it believes that the situation is extremely serious.

At the same time, according to the Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish, the scandal does not require expulsion of the Russian Ambassador. One can hardly imagine a more persuasive way to disavow fiction Czech journalists and intelligence services, for whom this event is a convenient way of solving their own pressing problems, but the government is trying to get out of the situation unscathed.

Monetize media hype, earning colorful publications about assassins of the Kremlin, freely operating all over the world. Counterintelligence proves that knowingly eat their own bread in the sweat of confronting threats to national security. SBI regularly inform the world about the successes in the fight with the special services of Russia, China and North Korea.

But this time the actions of the Czech really have a high nervousness, going far beyond the usual, which is confirmed by the reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry, who urged the Czech colleagues to kolanut. Still, before blindly falling into a Russophobic-conspiratorial nonsense was typical for other countries, such as Poland and the Czech Republic for this level of inadequacy was not noticed.

most Likely, the answer is found in the fact that Moscow’s response to the demolition of the monument to Konev was really for the Czech authorities by surprise. If earlier all was limited only to the expression of dissatisfaction through diplomatic channels, this time it was suddenly a criminal case.

And the Czechs just confused.

Revealing was the initial reaction of foreign Minister of the country Tomasz Petricca, who said: "It’s like a running jump in NEZNAMOmy pond. Instant or impulsive response is not always correct. I understand that for some people diplomacy — the area is unclear, but this underwear is just not worth it to shake up the audience. Even if it is engaged in the other side".

Only when the first confusion had passed, followed by more intelligible comments, and the foreign Ministry of the country "categorically rejected the intervention of state authorities of the Russian Federation in the internal Affairs of the Czech Republic". And then showered with stories about killers with diplomatic passports and suitcases with ricin.

Someone such a reaction may seem strange: well, opened the Investigative Committee of Russia criminal case because of the demolition of the monument to Konev — it is clear that the perpetrators he won’t get, and Interpol will never satisfy the requirement to arrest suspects, so they continue to live as they lived.

But this view is only partly fair.

First, if the fantasy of the killer, the poisoner is clearly a severe delirium, the Czech secret services are much more seriously the possibility of kidnapping suspects and their transportation to the court in the spirit of the Israeli "Mossad" many years chasing Nazis around the world. There is a suspicion that this in fact extends state protection provided by the Prague politicians.

And secondly and foremost, a criminal case for many years — if ever — it hangs over the defendants in the sword of Damocles, which they will need to remember and take into account in their actions. As wrote the same Respekt, the mayor of the district Prague 6 and now faces arrest for any travel abroad.

Yes, at the moment the same ondřej kolář, most likely, can not be afraid to travel in the Western States they will not give Moscow a suspect in a "political" case. However, the world is changing too quickly: much of what seemed unthinkable a few years ago, has now become commonplace. Economic criminals the West gives Russia is already on stream, and feeding the open sympathy towards our country of States on the political map of the world more and more.

In General, Russophobia, which for decades combines opportunities for a successful career and a manifestation of civic virtue with the absence of any responsibility, it suddenly becomes a much more risky area where, that and look, will have to answer for their words and actions.

And nothing strange that in Eastern Europe at such a prospect should be particularly alarming reaction. The apparent weakening of US hegemony and the collapse of TRANS-Atlantic unity, on which there relied both on a guaranteed and perpetual geopolitical "umbrella", as well as a clear strengthening of Russia, its influence and possibilities of so many in the region makes the wave��be and to make not too smart things. Like attempts to emulate the British big brother with the story of the poisoning of unwanted Russian superbizony.

But here it is worth remembering that London and Kripalani-all turned into a pile of nonsense, and ended with zilch. And follow in their footsteps Czechs really a shame it turned out.

And the most unpleasant: spy-assassin scandal will quickly be in the past — and Russia is no stranger to them, but the folder of the criminal case for many years will lie in the vaults of the working employees of domestic law enforcement.