In the last week drove Christopher Juul-Jensen, a cycling home in his living room. They were about 2000 participants.

Corona-the havoc the world over forcing cyclists to train alternatively, instead of swallowing the kilometers on the highways. Hence, many are forced to keep your fitness at the right… at home in the house or apartment. Which almost cries out against everything the sport stands for.

“so far it’s pretty fun. I’m one of the few who has been a part of it there Zwift universe,” says Mitchelton-Scott-rider Christopher Juul-Jensen, B. T.

Zwift is a cykelprogram, where you can sit on each of his hometrainer and choose different routes, which runs a virtual race against each other. Then follows the man on his computer, tablet or tv at home.

“It’s fun, and today (Wednesday, red.) I was in to ride with 3-400 other and my teammates,” says Christopher Juul-Jensen, who lives in an apartment in Inner Copenhagen, and laughs.

“You can train hard, but realistically the coach not five-six hours indoors, it would be crazy. But you can train effectively.”

many cyclists use in those times the world over the popular program, because they do not have the opportunity to run out in their preferred terrain. There, where you feel the breath on your skin, enjoying the view and feel the rush go through your body, when you tonser of the place.

Danish Magnus Cort must also exercise alternatively from domicilen in Andorra, where he is not allowed to ride out in the mountains to train. But the work as a racing cyclist must be cared for, even though he is far less thrilled hjemmetræningen than Christopher Juul-Jensen.

“Actually, I would rather look at paint dry. It is not something I do with my good will. But that is what we are being told here in Andorra, so I live up to it, it is clear,” he says to B. T.

“It is very boring. I hope that you can get used to it.”

Every day at 10 o’clock is running the Danish rider from the EC-Education First a race on Zwift in an hour. Every other day supplement he with an hour more, and alternatively, he takes a round of strength training at home from his styrketræningsrum.

“It is definitely harder to motivate when I have to train indoors,” admits Magnus Cort.

May hear it also, along with the fact that his Zwift equipment is not in working order.

“There is a delay on when I for example, running on the wheel of another in the game. If the other accelerates, and I also come, it takes a few seconds, before the man in the game reacts to it, and then I’m set,” he says from the ‘ghost town’ in Andorra, as he himself refers to it.

Fortunately for the 27-year-old dane, however, he may still train with his companion, the Norwegian Amund Grøndahl Jansen from Team Jumbo Visma, who also lives in the area. Although it is not always fun.

“The last two days (Wednesday and Thursday, red.) I’ve met with Amund at 10 o’clock on the Zwift to run together. Unfortunately I did røvtur today (Thursday, ed.) twice, when he put me. It’s annoying,” he explains grinning.