The dream of Beat Breu (61) is true: After the Cycling legend was with the Circus Royal on the way, he will now own the circus Director. “At the 5. August we will be celebrating the Premiere in Winterthur,” says Breu. “Everything is ready. The licences are submitted, and the artists under contract.” By the end of the year, around 16 performances in German-speaking Switzerland were planned.

A novelty which may be surprised, because so far not looked at it even then, as the legendary “mount fled” to realize the heart of the project. Via Crowdfunding collected in the Eastern Swiss of the required 50’000 Swiss francs, only just under 27’000 Swiss francs.

Instead of new Circus, there is now holding occasion models

“No Problem,” says wife Heidi Breu (65), “we have the necessary start-up capital is also so close to each other.” The means by which the “Beat Breu Circus” is to be funded, not both want to tell.

so much: “Instead of a new car, we now have second-hand models.” Of the Show do not detract from this. 600 people would have a place in your tent, will be shown a traditional circus program, reveals Breu – “with ponies, rope dancers and Clowns”. Beat Breu want to occur. “In what Form, still remains a secret.”