The CVP sends by far the most candidates in the upcoming elections. More than 700 it, the want, under the Slogan “We keep Switzerland together” in the national Council of feeding are.

As the Slogan would be “We offer all a home,” perhaps better suited. Because the positions of the candidates differ in part considerably. An evaluation of the Online election aid Vimentis in the order of-VIEW now: The opinions expressed in the CVP-mother’s party are as varied as any other large party. Only the BDP has an even wider dispersion.

SP with unit positions

The big competition of the CVP occurs, however, closed, as the analysis of the 73 Vimentis-responses shows: in The unanimous opinion among the SP candidates are the most, followed by the Green, the green liberals, of the SVP and the FDP.

Particularly clear on the CVP-Wishy-Washy in the company’s policy is. Here the voters have no idea (anymore), for what is the stand of the Christian democratic people’s party, actually. The CVP provides both the most conservative national Council and a candidate, but also – together with a SPler – the most liberal candidate. Confusion total!

Different, they could not be

The liberal flank covers Yannick Scheidegger (26). The Bernese national councillor candidate says about decided Yes to active euthanasia, the legalization of Cannabis, and the Adoption of foreign children by gay couples.

by Contrast, he fights against bans. So religious symbols should be allowed even in the public service, as well Full of obfuscations. Also Scheidegger vehemently, however, that the obstacles be increased for the civil service.

Fundamentally disagree with Scheidegger is with all these questions its Aargauer party colleague Sabine Sutter-Suter (55), which, according to the Vimentis socio-politically the most Conservative of all candidates. You have opted for clear answers, “because I have a clear attitude,” says Sutter-Suter.

“Have liberal social attitude”

Nevertheless, surprise her with the findings, because they have a “liberal-social attitude”. “The Cannabis legalization I disagree, because I have seen through my social commitment, a lot of suffering caused by the drug. New studies show that Cannabis is so harmless, like maybe adopted,” says the entrepreneur.

CVP-candidate Scheidegger, responded: “prevention can only be in things successfully, which you may make. A ban is, especially among young people is counterproductive.”

in Spite of his for CVP-relationships of extreme positions Scheidegger feels in his party, some masses probably. “The Bernese CVP is in comparison, very liberal,” he says. Although he had some issues a different opinion, remained loyal to his party, which he joined 18 years ago. Meanwhile, the CVP is a large majority for marriage for all. This is a step in the right direction. “I hope that the CVP in society opens up policy questions. Only the Switzerland brings more.”

Sutter-Suter, and the conservative CVP-wings are likely to see this quite differently.