of Course, the hair cut even at home (in the worst case alone), it is not anyone’s on the Wish-List. But in times of Coronavirus, we no longer stay at home and hairdressing appointments are possible. Nevertheless, It is not us no matter how we look like, and then there are the daily Video Calls from the Home Office. It doesn’t help so the probability to have even a pair of scissors and razor, is currently relatively high.

3 rules for hair

cut, We have spoken with hairdressing champion Nadine Auer from the “Atelier Seven” and Konstantinos Tzapos of “Tzapos – The Flying Hairdressers and the best tips from the asked, if you have to trim in front of the domestic level, the main hair. “I’ve already experienced everything possible! Some just take ungekämmte strands in the Hand and cut off somewhere in the wild… and then wonder why it is uniformly,” says Nadine Auer. So this does not happen, we have here the three best tips you should keep in mind when cutting your own hair:

expert tip #1: Good light!

Please look carefully: If there is too little light, you will quickly get cocky and then cuts to a lot of. Keys rather slowly.

expert tip #2: pair of Sharp scissors to use

Please do not use the hair scissors from the junk drawer to the kids to cut. The scissors must be sharp, otherwise the hair will see when you get out of grow quickly splissig, unkempt, or even gnawed off. You want to buy professional hair scissors? Then the Credo is: paper, scissors is better than nail scissors. But please still sharp.

expert tip #3: Not without the comb work

The comb determines the length you want to cut. These you put on the hairline, pull the hair straight down and cut them to the height of the ridge. And the comb has a further function: It helps to distribute the hair evenly and prevents holes.

The not you should do better

An absolute NoGo is cut according to the expert, for the hair, if there’s still remnants of styling products in the hair: “This can not go well. The natural fall of the hair is so distorted that is. The result of protruding vertebrae or edges in the hair are, then.” And finally, none.

Konstantinos Tzapos discourages also recommend not to overestimate the hair cutting arts: “In no case, even with the razor, and after feeling the hair cut.” Instead, always with the longest essay, start with the mirror work and a little patience. Hair cutting is not so fast in-between. If you are super unsure, then rather use the time and times a long hair hairstyle a try.

This Equipment you should have

“In any case, you will need a clipper with various attachments. At best you have two mirror, professional hair cutting scissors and a comb,” says Konstantinos Tzapos. Also Nadine Auer recommends a high-quality use the long-hair cutter with individually removable Cutting attachments (between three and 15 mm) to. “There are machines in which only one essay in here that can be changed by a slide function to adjust. Often, these don’t snap correctly and then while cutting on your own…”

How do I do it to shave the back of the neck straight?

This question has certainly a lot of men. Konstantinos Tzapos has the following tip: “On the second level. It is best to set the machine Upside down (that is, the device upside down, so that the cutting head is pointing downwards and not upwards). And please prefer to start lower and then work your way up.” For the sides a hair not recommends cutting machine without a cable, so that you’re tangled up.

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