The Düsseldorf Regional Labor Court has dealt with a curious appeal case. A worker was fired because he preferred to wear black rather than red.

According to a ruling, an industrial worker’s persistent refusal to wear red work trousers rightly cost him his job. The Düsseldorf Regional Labor Court decided this on Tuesday (May 21) in a curious appeal case.

The fitter, who had worked with cross-cut saws and cordless drills in his company, was fired after he showed up to work several times in black trousers despite being banned and warned, as the court reported. However, part of the dress code was red work trousers. But he didn’t like that, the man had argued, among other things. He took action against the termination.

After the Solingen Labor Court had already decided accordingly in the first instance, the State Labor Court now also ruled against the worker. The employer may specify red as the color of the work safety trousers, it explained in a statement. There are objective reasons for this, including occupational safety. The man also worked in production areas where forklifts were used – choosing red as a signal color was legal. 

The color also increases visibility in the rest of the production area. It is also about a uniform appearance of the company. The plaintiff had worn the red pants for years, the state labor court explained. His current aesthetic feeling is not enough to come to a different conclusion. The unfair dismissal action brought against the termination was once again unsuccessful. According to its own information, the state labor court did not allow an appeal.

Now the fitter is faced with a job change. A young woman can tell a thing or two about it. At just 26 years old, she has already changed employers 16 times. In her eyes, the current job market is “garbage”. 

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