From Friday to Saturday, the CSU meets in Bavaria – and wants to rail against Berlin politics. Party leader Söder did that in his speech, working mainly on the Greens. Read everything about his appearance in the ticker protocol here.

1:20 p.m .: CDU leader Friedrich Merz has contradicted the accusation that he and CSU leader Markus Söder would change their policies depending on the social mood. “It has nothing to do with changing direction. It has to do with a solid foundation on which we stand and on which we do our politics,” said Merz on Saturday on the sidelines of the CSU party conference in Augsburg. As conservatives, the CDU and CSU are “of course” able to face new challenges. “That’s what makes good conservatives.”

Söder also contradicted the impression that the CDU and CSU lacked a political compass: “I think the worst political turnnecks in Germany are the Greens. So if you go from a peace party to the largest weapon party, that’s the biggest leap.” The Union, on the other hand, “always acts appropriately to the situation. That has always been the claim of the Union.” The CDU and CSU are “not a dogmatic political family, we are not ideologues. We act according to what is appropriate for the population and the situation. Always do the right thing with a clear compass. We do the same in the crisis.”

1:05 p.m .: CDU leader Friedrich Merz and CSU leader Markus Söder have sworn the unity of the two sister parties at the CSU party conference. 2021 should not be repeated, said Merz on Saturday in his speech in Augsburg with a view to the Union defeat in the federal election. This was the answer to the dispute between the CDU and CSU: “Parties in dispute will not be elected.” Merz therefore emphasized: “Such an annus horribilis that will not be repeated between the CDU and CSU.”

Söder also emphasized that if you stand together, you will be successful. And the CDU and CSU, Friedrich Merz and he, have a common idea and philosophy as to where Germany should go, said the CSU chairman.

With a view to the current poll values, Merz said that the Union was back after a year of opposition: “We are back in first place in Germany.”

Saturday, October 29, 12:45 p.m .: CDU leader Friedrich Merz accused Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) of unprecedented disrespect in his political work. “We have never had a chancellor in Germany who treated his coalition partners with such disrespect, treated the institutions of our state with such disrespect, treated our neighbors with such disrespect, treated our international partners around the world with such disrespect.” , said Merz on Saturday in his speech at the CSU party conference in Augsburg.

Merz accused the entire federal government of not showing enough respect to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. At Steinmeier’s speech on the major challenges of this time on Friday in Bellevue Palace, not a parliamentary group leader from the incumbent government was present, and not a member of the federal government found it necessary to be present. “It’s a level of disrespect for our head of state that I didn’t think was possible.”

The most important thing: CSU boss Markus Söder has accused the federal government of historically poor government work. “The traffic light is probably one of the weakest governments that we have ever had in the Federal Republic of Germany,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister on Friday at the CSU party conference in Augsburg.

In the current energy crisis, the government of the SPD, Greens and FDP seems overwhelmed, they are not up to the problems. Söder attacked the Greens in particular, saying they were “a fair-weather party, but not a party for times of crisis”.

Söder therefore justifies the criticism of the federal government that he has been hearing for months. It’s not just about “bashing” or “scolding”, the criticism is based on a deep concern. In order to protect Bavaria, you can’t just watch the “fundamental mistakes”.

The delegates cheer Söder with standing applause. Söder seems to have really grabbed her here. The whole room is standing. Thank you for reading!

5:54 p.m .: “I want to go to the election with you and win the state election. I ask for your trust. We can do it. God protect Bavaria, God protect the CSU,” Söder calls at the end of his speech.

5:53 p.m .: “It’s about our country now, Bavaria is entrusted to us. We have to justify this trust. Bavaria is our homeland, Germany is our fatherland,” Söder quoted CSU Franz Josef Strauss as saying.

5:52 p.m .: The CSU holds the country together. The Prime Minister must be a crisis manager and father of the country – “a difficult task, but I like doing it.”

5:51 p.m .: The headline for Bavaria is “high-tech and home,” muses Söder. “We are both trendy and traditional. Let the others nag, let’s look to the future with optimism.”

5.48 p.m .: The CSU must now also bind those who have not previously voted for the party. “We have to get the Bayern feeling,” said Söder. “Constant nagging is not interesting. The SPD top candidate is a symbol of this,” says Söder about the top candidate Florian von Brunn.

5.46 p.m .: The state leadership is already working on the election campaign. The organization is already better than in 2018, Söder is happy.

5.45 p.m .: Söder has a recommendation to his CSU: “If we show hubris, be arrogant. Be self-confident, yes, but please don’t take off,” said Söder. A year before the election, the goal must be: “We don’t want traffic lights, we want a middle-class Bavarian coalition!”

5.44 p.m .: The concept is: Liberalitas Bavariae. “You can eat what you want, sing what you want and wear what you want. If you don’t like it, just leave,” calls Söder. Applause again.

5:43 p.m .: “What kind of nonsense is being discussed in this country? This compulsion really gets on my nerves for a lot of things,” says Söder.

5.41 p.m .: Söder is now upset about the “Wokeness” that comes from Berlin. “Please leave our children alone with this,” calls the CSU leader. “Some people thought that when the subject of Winnetou came up, it was a joke.”

5:39 p.m .: Citizens’ income will “make us the sick man of Europe,” believes Söder. “This puts a cashier in Munich in a worse position, you can’t want that.” It’s the reversal of Agenda 2010, says Söder.

5:38 p.m .: “And I don’t give a damn whether that stuff is called Crystal Meth or Mett,” Söder continued. Of course that gets applause again.

5:38 p.m .: And then it goes on immediately: “I don’t want any drugs in Bavaria,” says Söder twice. With the exception of beer, of course.

5:37 p.m .: Söder has no understanding that technically assisted suicide is also being discussed in Berlin. “We have a different worldview there.”

5.35 p.m .: “The difference between the FDP and the Greens is: The FDP prefers to drink champagne, the green algae smoothies,” says Söder. Otherwise they are indistinguishable in the area of ​​social policy. “Religious education in Bavaria will be preserved,” calls Söder.

5:34 p.m .: Söder wants to create more teaching positions, including social professions for schools. In the future, primary and special school teachers should start with A13.

5:32 p.m .: Education policy and schools remain a major issue in Bavaria. Corona left its mark, there were no teachers. “Moving to Bavaria is so attractive,” Söder justifies. “People come to Bavaria because you can look for your fortune, your future here and it’s attractive.”

5:31 p.m .: How could the “poor” Van Gogh help climate activists stick to pictures. “Punishment instead of understanding for climate activists,” said Söder.

5.30 p.m .: Now it’s the turn of the environmental protection chapter. “We plant thousands of trees every year. What is there to hug alone,” jokes Söder. “I can’t do it alone.” And further. “We don’t need so-called climate activists in Bavaria.”

5:29 p.m .: “Crime doesn’t pay in Bavaria. We continue on the course of maximum security and say thank you to the police,” calls Söder. Applause breaks out again.

5:27 p.m .: Bavaria is also the safest state. “We really didn’t want the G7 summit. That wasn’t a gift. I always thought that a Hamburg chancellor would give Hamburg the nod. But security works for us,” says Söder.

5:26 p.m .: Now it has to be about what Bavaria should look like after 2030. Bavaria is strong when it comes to jobs, BPI and other things, praises Söder. A Oktoberfest tent alone generates more than some countries in Europe, jokes the Franconian.

5:25 p.m .: It is not enough to simply take on debt. You also have to have a plan on how to pay them back and make money again.

5:23 p.m .: Now it’s about the Bundeswehr’s special fund that passed the traffic light. “So far, nothing has arrived,” says Söder. “If things go on like this, we’ll soon have to throw guns instead of shooting them.”

5:22 p.m .: “Something has to happen now that fuel is cheaper,” demands the CSU boss. You stand by the car.

5:21 p.m .: A flat country like Bavaria “needs a car,” says Söder, looking at the 49-euro ticket. “What’s the point of a cheap ticket if the bus only comes twice in the country,” says Söder. At least he could change the latter…

5.20 p.m .: The “double boom” has so far fizzled out. It needs a real brake now from January. “For gas, electricity and fuel,” demands Söder.

5:19 p.m .: Now it’s about energy prices. People were just plain scared right now. “This is the currency for extremists.” So far, all relief packages have “fizzled out,” says Söder.

5:17 p.m .: Scholz’s decision isolated Germany in Europe. Merkel, on the other hand, has always had a network. “Berlin is currently appearing extremely snooty and arrogant. I strongly advise more cooperation. Pride comes before a fall,” calls Söder.

5:16 p.m .: The port deal with China “is the wrong signal,” said the CSU boss. “We don’t have a port, but we would never sell an airport to China either.”

5.15 p.m .: Now we’re going against Scholz. He wonders why the Chancellor showed his policy competence with a letter and not personally. “I think the traffic light is already torn up inside.”

5:14 p.m .: “We show solidarity, but we’re not stupid,” says Söder. Bavarian tax money is also better off in Bavaria in times of crisis.

5:11 p.m .: “We used to be the poor house,” says Söder. For a long time, the Free State received money from the state financial equalization system. But that has fundamentally changed. Every Bavarian now pays “1,200 euros for a Bremen resident, 1,000 euros for a Berliner. I think they’re all great, but pretty expensive,” scoffs the CSU boss.

5:09 p.m .: Now Söder is working on his space program Bavaria One. “We are de facto the Houston of Europe,” said Söder. “May the force be with Bavaria.”

5:07 p.m .: Artificial intelligence will be the basis for everything in the future, says Söder. “We already have eight super computers. We are stronger than South Korea. When the world talks about high-tech, Bavaria has a big impact. We are securing the future for decades,” enthuses Söder.

5:05 p.m .: The high-tech agenda is what Söder wants to push ahead significantly during his reign – “in addition to constant crisis management”. “We play in a league with Silicon Valley,” says the father of the country.

5:04 p.m .: If there is a party that really thinks “pure Bavaria”, “then that’s us”. “That would be worth a U-committee, why Bavarian MPs are happy when other regions get stronger,” jokes the CSU party leader. The CSU currently has to face a U-committee on mask deals from some MPs.

5:02 p.m .: Bavaria and BaWü have entered into a partnership in relation to hydrogen, says Söder. “Here, too, we are looking to the south. We’re not waiting for the traffic light to come from Berlin, we’re talking to Austria and Croatia.”

5 p.m.: Agriculture should no longer be gagged. “The best food comes from Bavaria, that’s what we as the CSU are committed to.”

4:59 p.m .: “We not only want to become independent of Russia, but also more independent of the north again. Wait and see what Bayern do,” calls Söder. Bayern first, so to speak.

4:58 p.m .: The state parliament changed the 10H rule extensively yesterday. “This will make significant progress in the state forest. We will have at least 20 wind turbines by 2030.” They also want to be faster when it comes to approval.

4:57 p.m .: You want to switch on the Bayern turbo now, says Söder, in order to get even better and faster (although you are already in first place). “We need hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage plants. Hydropower is domestic energy and climate energy,” says Söder.

4:54 p.m .: The fact that Bavaria is to blame for everything when it comes to energy is not true anyway, according to the party chairman. He lists a lot of statistics where Bayern is in first place. Bavaria is only weak when there is “wind at sea”, according to Söder. “I would like that to be heard.”

4:52 p.m .: Again it goes against the Greens. The party got into trouble with all the facts related to the nuclear shutdown debate, says Söder. “Greta Thunberg was spontaneously expelled from the Greens. You still have the same ‘Claudia-cries’ and ‘Trittin-screams’. Germany doesn’t need that.” There’s applause from the delegates again.

4:51 p.m .: The crisis “does not end now and not in April”. The deactivation of the nuclear power plants was a “bottom hop. We need electricity. Sufficient, quick and safe,” says Söder.

4.50 p.m .: Söder only has ridicule for the shower suggestions from some Greens. “Our hope is the weather and washcloths”. A government has to ensure “that there are warm apartments and meals and enough jobs,” said Söder. This will be used to measure the traffic light.

4:49 p.m .: The last 16 years with Union government participation have been good, says Söder. “Left-wing governments start with esprit and end in chaos.”

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