Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder accuses the traffic light coalition of a social turning point against the will of the majority of the population.

“The only true thing the traffic light coalition has in common is their desire for re-education of the German population,” Söder told BILD am SONNTAG. “The social turning point of the traffic light is directed against the majority of ordinary people. It is always about coercion rather than freedom.”

Specifically, the CSU chairman criticized: “It is wrong to compulsively prescribe gender. It is wrong to make government guidelines on nutrition. It is wrong to release drugs like cannabis – the left even demands this for hard drugs like crystal meth. The impending abolition of paragraph 218 also endangers the balance between self-determination and the protection of life.” All of this is left-wing politics and he doesn’t understand, says Söder, “why a bourgeois party like the FDP is doing all this. Basically, there is no longer any difference between the Greens and the FDP.”

At the same time, the Bavarian Prime Minister complained that the federal government was putting southern Germany at a disadvantage: “The traffic light coalition is increasingly turning out to be a northern German construct,” says Söder. “The South is increasingly being ignored. We sense a Bayern bashing and even the Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann doesn’t really get through to his Green party friends.”

According to Söder, national funding in the areas of transport and science would be reduced or suddenly come under scrutiny. “It was also a conscious decision not to take any ministers from Bavaria. That says it all.” This year Bavaria is paying a new record amount of nine billion euros in the financial equalization of the federal states. Söder: “We don’t expect a special role for this. But the answer to the greatest solidarity contribution in German financial history must at least not be discrimination through traffic lights.”

The CSU boss also believes that the election of Ferda Ataman as anti-discrimination officer is wrong: “Whoever calls the Germans potatoes and reunification a people’s frenzy discriminates against many citizens. You shouldn’t upgrade someone like that at taxpayer expense.”

Söder recommends the newly married Minister of Finance Christian Lindner (FDP) and his wife to rejoin the church: “I congratulate both of them on their wedding and wish them all the happiness in the world. Apparently both of them liked the wedding in the church very much. Perhaps this is a good time to rejoin the Church. That would be a great signal of faith in these times.”