the tourist In California, almost died, fell off a cliff in the mountains, and broke 11 ribs. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the tabloid, the incident occurred when the 48-year-old Jason Koch (Jason Koch) went Hiking with a drone and lost it in the mountains. Trying to find a gadget, a tourist slipped on a rock and fell, after which it is crushed by a huge boulder.

within a few hours paralyzed the Californian was trying to get out from under the rock to reach the phone, but the efforts were in vain. He remembered the plot of the movie “127 hours” where the character who plays the climber gets trapped and cuts off his arm to free himself and get help.

“I held out my hand with a pocketknife, cut the pants and was able to reach his pocket and pull out the phone. But to call the rescue, I had to get out,” Koch told reporters.

After that, continued the man, he took off his protective helmet so between him and the boulder was a small space, and the stone suddenly gave in. “I put a whole bunch of effort to move it. And in the end thought, “you Know what? You’re not trying hard enough!” So I forced his hand to rise even stronger and was able to get out. I was so happy,” — said a tourist.

Freed, he was able to dial 911 — telephone by the time nearly died, but rescuers managed to fix the coordinates. The scene sent a helicopter, which was able to detect the victim with the help of thermal imagers. The man was assisted on the spot and warmed it by the fire, and dawn was taken to the hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with multiple fractures and a ruptured aorta.

Earlier it was reported that in Brazil, a family with a baby crushed to death struck a rock during the holidays. According to witnesses the incident, the couple was sitting too close to the stone slab and when it began to fall on the coast, could not escape.