A 13-year-old girl from Hesse has died in connection with a Tiktok challenge. This is what several local media outlets are reporting. According to them, she took part in the so-called “blackout challenge”.

Tragic incident in the Hessian district of Kassel. A 13-year-old strangled herself to death at the end of April. The case is now becoming public. Several local media reports unanimously about this. The public prosecutor confirmed the girl’s death to the “Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine” (HNA).

Behind the “blackout challenge” is a trend on the Tiktok platform in which primarily children cut off their own air until they pass out. During this highly dangerous test of courage, children usually let others film them and then upload the clip to Tiktok – in order to achieve reach and attention.

According to the “HNA”, the 13-year-old tried the “blackout challenge” herself, in her own room. The incident therefore occurred on April 26th. According to the report, the 13-year-old went to her room around 9 p.m. and wished her mother a good night beforehand.

Her uncle finally found her unconscious and no longer breathing shortly before midnight, reports the “HNA”. The family immediately called the emergency doctor. But he could no longer do anything for the girl, they say.