Dozens of individuals have ignored advice to not go to Stonehenge for its yearly summer solstice parties, which have been cancelled Monday because of coronavirus concerns.

However, the firm said that application had to be disrupted due to security concerns following”a few individuals have chosen to dismiss our petition to never travel to the rocks this morning.”

Countless those who tuned into watch the sunrise in the stones internet ended up viewing pre-assembled footage prior to the feed returned about 5 a.m.

Video from Britain’s PA news agency and elsewhere revealed dozens of people collecting within the stone ring, together with some scaling a very low fence to climb within the limited area to make it to the stones. Some were spotted dancing and many others held a banner which read”Reputation for Stonehenge.”

English Heritage said it had been”unsatisfactory” to observe people”behave in a means that place themselves, our employees and the police in risk” throughout a pandemic.

The summer solstice generally attracts thousands of individuals to the rock circle in southern England to celebrate the longest day of this year.

Wiltshire Police said a”small incursion to the rock group” early Monday, the solstice weekend was calm.