purchasing real estate through the Crowd. The Zurich-based Start-up crowd house. And has success: Since the inception four years ago, 73 investment properties were conveyed for a total of 700 million Swiss francs. From 100’000 CHF, you can mitinvestieren in a property. Enough potential buyers to see the property changes hands.

so far, the success-oriented company, dark clouds are on now supposedly. There should be noise in crowd house. The financial portal “Inside Paradeplatz” (IP) is reported. Accordingly, had recently resigned, among other things, three members of the senior operating management.

New strategy led to a break

is the head of Corporate Finance, head of business development and head of Distribution. It came to layoffs, agreed to, confirmed the company to VIEW. The reason was not an internal crisis but the result of a “test phase”.

Since January, the Management had been expanded to include a new strategy to tackle, says crowd of house speaker Michael Meier. How this strategy looks like exactly, however, remains unclear.

In the past, gear, or an Expansion with partners were of a possible exchange of speech. Well, it turns out that some of the members of the management wanted to support this new strategy. “That some people drag then, by mutual agreement, from this extended Management is a consistent and transparent manner and caused neither Surprise nor concern,” says Meier.

Private buy over crowd house

writes IP, crowd house could not keep his own promise in the case of a multi-family house in Elgg, ZH. At the end of it was acquired not by the Crowd, but by a single buyer – Sika-owner of family Burkhard–.

it was Sold but still on the crowd house, so Meier. The Deal had been handled by the company’s internal platform for Private Real Estate. Because not only the Crowd can invest in real estate: “The mediation of properties to a single purchaser has long been a successful part of the product range, of equity house and part of the strategy,” explains Meier. This business field is to be expanded in the future.