Unmigrant claimed that he would continue to follow the same path, despite the new program.

Human trafficking: Modern slavery in the USA

LONDON — The U.K. Home Office has released a new plan to combat illegal migration and crack down on human-trafficking gangs. It is being condemned by politicians, church leaders and aid groups.

The Thursday announcement includes the deportation of single adult asylum seekers located 4,000 miles from Rwanda, east Africa. They would then be eligible to apply for asylum. If their applications are approved, they can stay in Africa. If they are rejected, they will be sent back to their home countries.

The U.K. is pursuing a partnership under the Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda (MEDP), as Secretary of State Priti Paltel and the Home Office stated in a statement on Thursday, announcing the “world’s first” partnership.

Priti Patel, British Home Secretary, shakes hands Vincent the Rwandan Foreign Minister…Read More

Patel shared the benefits of his plan via Twitter. He said that it would help to “deter dangerous, illegal journeys to Britain,” “give migrants a chance for a better life” and “set a standard in asylum and resettlement.”

Members of the U.K. The Bond network and more than 160 charities, campaign groups, and non-governmental organizations criticized the country’s human rights record in an open letter addressed to Boris Johnson. They called for the government to end the scheme and described it as “shamefully brutal” and “immoral.”

According to the organizations, the government’s plan will result in “more dangerous, not less, journeys” — putting more people at risk of being trafficked.