Borussia Dortmund’s former managing director Michael Meier sees a lot of room for improvement at BVB, especially when it comes to keeping young players over the long term. As an example, he cites the time with Erling Haaland.

Ex-BVB boss criticizes strategy in Dortmund: “What is left of Haaland in terms of mental contribution to the team spirit? He was an excellent player at BVB, but he wasn’t able to develop further here. And nothing could be passed on to DNA here, which has always been what Borussia Dortmund has always been,” says former BVB managing director Michael Meier on “Sportradio Deutschland”.

Short, compact, clear

“Long-term loyalty of the most important players” is important: This makes it more difficult to establish a long-term team spirit in the club that lasts for seasons and generations. According to Meier, this requires “long-term loyalty of the most important players” – with Dortmund, however, Marco Reus is the only top performer in recent years who has remained loyal to the club.

Role model Bavaria? It is different with the Bundesliga competitor from Munich: “If you can keep players like Neuer, Kimmich, Müller and Lewandowski for years in order to form an axis with them and then introduce young players,” you have a decisive advantage. This is how the ex-BVB boss also explains the Bayern DNA, “this mia-san-mia feeling that is transferred to the young players.”