Despite the energy crisis, the exterior lighting of the Chancellery will not be completely switched off for security reasons. The decision met with incomprehension on the part of the opposition. The measure is unfounded and tastes like double standards.

Despite the energy crisis, the lights in the Chancellery don’t go out completely at night – that’s a source of criticism. For reasons of safety, especially traffic safety, the exterior lighting cannot be switched off completely, a government spokesman said on Friday evening when asked. However, the outdoor and indoor lighting is reduced at night.

Opposition politicians consider this to be a pretense. “Are they really afraid that a car driver will overlook the Federal Chancellery and drive in there? You would have to at least explain that to me seriously,” said the economic policy spokesman for the left-wing faction, Christian Leye, of “Welt am Sonntag”. The whole thing tastes like double standards. Criticism also came from the Union. “It’s part of setting a good example yourself,” said CDU MP Carsten Müller of the newspaper.

On September 1st, the cabinet decided on new energy-saving targets. Among other things, the lighting of public buildings and monuments must be switched off for purely aesthetic or representative reasons.